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The Cubs are a well rounded club with an above average offense and above average pitching. While they lack a Top 10 superstar, they feature plenty of players who can help your team, although some of them come with a question mark here or there. Matthew Geer gives you his take on whom to pick and why.

The Best of the Bunch:

Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez should get plenty of RBI.
Aramis Ramirez (3B): This guy is just a stud; you can’t go wrong with him at all.  Great average, 20+ homers, 100+ RBI’s AND he’s a third baseman (in case anybody has been having problems finding a power hitting 3B…).  As long as he doesn’t get hurt, he will promise to be that spark that your lineup needs.

Geovany Soto (C): I know this guy has only played for a year, but his stats outshine any speculations of sophomore slumps.  Reminds me of Mike Piazza (which is a good thing!).  Take him if you can, especially if you are in a NL only league, where a power-hitting catcher may be tough to come by.

The Second Tier:

Derek Lee (1B): The only reason why he is on the second tier for me is because of his drop in offensive powers.  Twenty homers, 90 RBI’s and a .291 batting average is nothing to be ashamed of, and I think he will duplicate that this year if his nagging quadriceps will shut up.

Carlos Zambrano (SP):
Carlos is in a similar situation as Lee; Zambrano’s numbers are slipping.  Once again, he is better than the average pitcher by far.  Just watch out for a major slump in the second half.

Kevin Gregg (CL):
This guy was quite the closer in Florida, but the only problem was that Florida couldn’t give him good enough situations to get a save.  If you need someone to rack up saves, this is your man.  Watch for him to get K-Rod-like save numbers this season.

Rich Harden (SP): Was a BEAST when he came into the NL mid-season.  Now let’s watch him tear up the place with a full season in league.

Third Tier:

Carlos Marmol (RP): If your league records holds as a statistic, there is no better man than Marmol.  With an ERA of less than 2.70 the last two years, this guy will not disappoint.  He also may get the closer spot if Gregg goes down.

Ryan Dempster and Ted Lily (SP): These are both players who have had poor seasons, and have had injuries.  These two are all about trust in my opinion.  They will triumph gloriously or fail miserably; there is no middle road. 

Question Marks:

Alfonso Soriano (OF): Numbers going down every year, games played going down every year.  Will you buy into that?

Will Milton Bradley stay healthy and keep his emotions under control?
Photo by SD Dirk, used under creative commons license.
Milton Bradley (OF): Probably the biggest question mark on the team.  Will he burst out 20+ homers, will he be on the DL for the whole season, or will his attitude get the best of him?

Mike Fontenot (2B): If he can duplicate last year’s stats, and play more games, this guy will be one of the best at 2B.