Fantasy Articles
Q: Should I drop Aubrey Huff for Randy Winn or Trot Nixon? My second and third OF spots are weak (as is my utility with Jim Thome on the DL) and I figure to be rotating 4 or 5 guys through those spots.

A: Yes, Nixon is hot right now, especially coming off of a 5-for-5 game against Baltimore while Huff continues to flounder at the plate. But, I don’t think it’s a surprise that just about anyone would say that Huff is the best bet for the entire season. Over his career Huff has been a slow starter and a great second half guy. Just look at his splits:

April: .234
May: .254
June: .312
July: .281
August: .315
September: .282

He may be a pain right now, but he’s going to perform in the long run and with the Oriole’s offense, he won’t be a bust. Just give it time.

Q: Now that Brett Myers appears to have the job, who is the better choice for closer, Myers or Matt Capps (if he does get the job)?

A: With Tom Gordon out for the time being, Myers should have no problem holding onto the closing duties in Philadelphia. Even at this point, Myers should either be the closer or the #1 starter. When Gordon returns, don’t be surprised if he gets eighth inning duties. With that said, Capps is the closer of the future for Pittsburgh, but he won’t be handed the job right away. Maybe mid-simmer after a couple more Solomon Torres breakdowns. Stick with Myers for now.

Q: Would you deal...

A-Rod and Posada for Reyes and McCann?


A-Rod and Kinsler for Reyes and Atkins?

A: It depends on what your needs are. Do you have another 3B? If it’s a decent option without Alex Rodriguez, then I’d go for it. The first deal seems to be the best bet for you because McCann should be a decent upgrade over Posada and the difference between A-Rod and Reyes is doable. If you do get rid of Rodriguez, just know that you’re going to lose about 25-30 homers in the drop-off to Reyes. If you can deal with that and can use the extra 40 or so steals Reyes will give you, go for it.

Q: I got an offer of Dan Haren for my BJ Upton. I'm at the top in all the batting categories but most of that is because of the fast start by ARod. I'm hesitant to give up Upton's speed and potential 5 tool stats. But my pitching has been decimated by C. Zambrano's slow start, Myers move to the pen, Harden's injury as well as some other injuries (Hughes, Gagne, Lee).

A: Do it. Easy choice. Upton is extremely hot right now, but his K:BB ratio of 35/8 is atrocious. He’s basically striking out 1/3 of the time he’s at the plate. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great talent, but last time I checked that kind of rate doesn’t stick with a .370+ batting average. This is as good as Upton is going to get value-wise, so you might as well trade him for a top-20 starter.

Q: I have a trade offer in a dynasty league. I give Carlos Quentin and Scott Thorman. I get Rocco Baldelli and Adam Lind.

This is a very deep league, so lots of youngsters and prospects are on rosters. Another owner is really after Quentin, and this deal would help me this year, no doubt, because I'm thin in my outfield.
A: You’re giving up a good hitter in Quentin, but in a year or two Lind could be equal to what he offers. Plus, you get Baldelli, who’s a great youngster himself. If anything, Thorman is just going to become a right-handed Adam LaRoche. It’s a solid trade for you and you’ll be getting two guys who could be cornerstones for your outfield for years to come.