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Q: Do you think that Hawpe or Markakis is worth more than Teahen? Regular 5 offensive categories plus On base and slg. so 7 categories.

A: Let’s make it easy and check out the current numbers for each player:

Nick Markakis: .260/.328/.426 with 5 HR, 23 RBI, 23 R
Brad Hawpe: .278/.374/.436 with 4 HR, 24 RBI, 17 R
Mark Teahen: .298/.394/.450 with 4 HR, 20 RBI, 20 R

On peripheral stats alone, Teahen looks like the best bet before considering he also has six stolen bases. Over the rest of the season, I could guess that Markakis ends up with a better average, but there’s no reason Teahen won’t be close. He’s batting third in an average Royals lineup, but none of the above guys project to be a monster at the plate. Honestly, any one of the three seems interchangeable with the other, it’s just a matter of timing. Hawpe is a bad second half player, Markakis is a good one and Teahen shows he gets better.

Q: AJ Burnett is on the waiver wire, who should I drop to get him?
Position players: Johjima, D. Lee, K. Johnson, C. Jones, O. Cabrera, R. Howard, Uggla, Ibanez, Pierre, Guerrero, Abreu, B. Hall, D. Johnson, Kinsler, Iwamura
Pitchers: Penny, Cain, Hamels, Haren, Maine, Escobar, Shields, Clemens, Lincecum, Papelbon, Al Reyes, Broxton, Okajima (note: points for Holds)

A: If you’re going to drop a pitcher, it might as well be a starter. But there’s really no point in dropping one of the guys you’ve got so far. Burnett is as much of an injury risk as Penny us, but I wouldn’t drop any of the other starters, especially considering Lincecum just heard this weekend that he’s staying in the big league rotation. Stick with what you have because it looks like a fine pitching staff as is.

Q: Kevin Millwood has been horrible this year and now is on the DL for the second time.
We have a 13 team mixed league.  6 pitching cats.  W, ERA, Whip, K/9, Sv, IP (no cap)
We use three bench spots and two dl slots (my dl slots are full right now with thome and posednik and I am using a bench spot on Henry owens and milwood)  Normally the three bench spots are starting pitchers because of the IP category.
My staff is Oswalt, Bonderman, Arroyo, Blanton, Freddy Garcia, Doug Davis, Zach Duke.   Millwood would be #8, but he is on the dl.
The waiver wire has Hirsh, Trachsel, Padilla, Durbin, Sowers, Bannister.

A: Millwood doesn’t have much value right now, considering he was back on the DL as quick as he came off. Looking at what’s sitting on the waiver wire right now, Sowers would be the best bet out of the lot to help your staff. He’s not striking out anyone with just 12 Ks in 41.2 IP and that’s not a good sign. Your best bet would to just go on a starter-by-committee basis and spot-start as appropriate.

Q: Should I drop Omar for Troy Tulowitzki, Dustin Pedroia or Stephen Drew?
A: Unless your league counts defensive stats, there’s no reason to be carrying Vizquel’s .237 average. He’s not even stealing any bases - his one saving grace - with only three on the year. Tulowitzki has been hitting great since being moved to the number two spot in the lineup so he figures to have good run numbers in addition to his power aided by Coors Field. While Pedroia has gotten better, there’s no reason to have him as your starting SS. Drew could be good, but he strikes out too much to have a decent average. Drop Vizquel and enjoy Tulowitzki’s above-average numbers across the board.

Q: I've been offered McCann and Pujols for Derrek Lee and Mauer. Is it a deal worth doing? Offensively, my team's doing pretty well, although I'm near the middle in HRs and RBIs.

A: After what happened with Lee’s neck, I’d ask whether or not the other owner would want to go through with the deal. Mauer is injured, too. If this is something set in stone, I’d pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Pujols should put up equal, if not better, numbers than Lee and the drop-off from McCann to Mauer is close to nothing. You’d even get more homers with him. It’s a no-brainer.