Fantasy Articles
So far the 2003 baseball season has produced a fair share of surprises, disappointments and groundbreaking events. Here are some of the most intriguing so far. With 2/3 of a season left to go we should see a lot more.

Just Scary:

Fan violence against players and umpires has been on the rise. At least two incidents have occurred, with fans throwing cell phones, and another when a drunken fan attacked first base umpire Laz Diaz in Chicago.

The death of Orioles prospect Steve Belcher during spring training, after taking a supplement with ephedra.

In the MLB office:

MLB and the players union have agreed to try an experiment with the league that wins the All-Star Game also receiving home field advantage in the World Series.


Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmiero hit their 500th home runs.

Pennant Races:

The Kansas City Royals, a team who all the experts had written off and who had actually so disgusted their most famous alumni to the point that he quit the organization, have come on strong and are still in first place in the AL Central.

The Red Sox, despite their awful closer by committee situation, are running neck and neck with the Yankees for first in the AL east.


Kevin Millwood throwing a no hitter and winning 1-0 at the Vet in Philly against the Giants.


MLB and the Players Union not only failing to come up with a real drug policy, but also failing to really address the issue.

The New York Mets: Proved that Bobby Valentine was not the problem.

Randy Johnson: Baseball’s premier pitcher losing much of the season to a knee injury.

MLB foot dragging on the sale of the Expos and possible relocation.

Big Mo Vaughn: Well maybe he can find a job as a taster somewhere.

Phil Nevins/ Robb Nen/Others: Losing their whole seasons even without touching the field this season.

The White Sox selling the name of Comisky Park to become another corporate shill as US Cellular Field.

Good Moves:

Florida Marlins fired Jeff Torborg as manager of the Florida Marlins, sadly too late to help A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett. Without a question other young pitchers will benefit.

The Expos played home games in San Juan, Puerto Rico and while they didn’t make a ton of money, they got a much better audience than they get in Montreal. I hope MLB realizes this and lets them play their play-off games there - if they can make it.

Sale of the Angels by Disney to private owners, baseball should never be run by corporations who only are looking at the bottom line but by people who love the game and can make decisions on their own without a board looking over their shoulder.

The Reds have a new home this season, Great American Ballpark and the Astros changed the name of theirs from Enron to Minute Maid Park.


The debate over Pete Rose, and the fact Selig is even considering reinstating him.