Fantasy Articles

Chris Archer, Rays - He possesses a booming 95 MPH fastball and showed good command last year.  Some say he looks like Justin Verlander did when he first came up -- good stuff but not sure what to do with it.  His peripheral stats are nothing so impressive, so this is a guy you need a leap of faith to draft.  Luckily he should be cheap enough.  Playing in the AL East is also a concern.

Corey Kluber, Indians - He has a nice mix of pitches but lacks the pedigree of some of these other young names.  His peripheral stats are all where you'd like to see them.  He has some injury risk but is worth a flier late to see what he could do -- a low 3's ERA is possible.

Kevin Gausman, Orioles - He's got the best fastball yet of this list and great command, plus great peripheral stats.  His only issue was weak secondary offerings and bad BABIP luck.  Hopefully that didn't ruin his confidence.  Even the AL East should be no match for him when he's on.

The Royals RHP Danny Duffy could be an impact player
Photo by Kelly K, used under creative commons license.

Archie Bradley, Diamondbacks - Just 19, and blocked now only by Brandon McCarthy/Wade Miley/Bronson Arroyo.  Definitely a nice grab and stash because he has filthy stuff.  Walks have been high though.

Tony Cingrani, Reds - One pitch but it's a good one.  Not the fastest fastball but very deceptive and he hides it well with his body.  It may be just a matter of time until the league catches up though.  His price is maybe a bit too high for all the risk.

Tanner Roark, Nationals - He got lucky-good results and his SwStrk rate leaves a lot to be desired.  But good GB% and a nice team to pitch for should make him an OK option.  Probably a wait-and-see guy during the season.

Danny Duffy, Royals - He has some nice potential, but nothing will come of it until he gets the walks down.  His walks are much more serious of an issue than, say, Archer.  Watch him in the spring, it should be an interesting battle between him and...

Yordano Ventura, Royals - Possibly the biggest fastball on this list, but didn't get great results in limited time last year and may not begin the season in the majors.  Wait and see.

Rick Porcello, Tigers - He's been around the block but still young (around the same age as Archer).  Detroit should save about 20 runs on defense with its new crew.  Worth a $1 flier to see just how much it helps and if he can continue to mature and improve his pitches.