Fantasy Articles
Q: Who has a better chance to turn it around, Paul Konerko or Carlos Delgado?

A: Since the beginning of June, Konerko has his close to .300, while Delgado has hit close to .200. That’s a good starting point. Both of these guys offer essentially the same thing: home runs and RBIs. But, Konerko has the ability to add a decent average into the mix. Since 2000, Konerko has had only one season under .277 and that was a .234 mark in 2003. But, even then, he hit .275 in the second half. While Delgado has done mostly the same, two of the last three years ended with him having a batting average below .270.

The important thing to realize is it’s not what they’ve done so far, it’s what they’re going to do from now on. Even if the White Sox struggle, Konerko is still going to put up equal or better numbers than Delgado.

Q: I keep hearing rumors that Jarrod Saltalamacchia could be replacing Scott Thorman at 1B in ATL. He would obviously be a great option at C on my team if he were to be playing everyday. I’m currently playing AJ Pierzynski at C due to Piazza on my DL.
Should I add Salty and drop AJ?

A: There’s a reason why Thorman was supposed to platoon with Craig Wilson this year: he can’t lefties. His career average against southpaws is below the Mendoza line. Saltalamacchia, on the other hand, can hit either. With Brian McCann entrenched behind the plate for as long as the Braves have him, it’s been made clear that Salty belongs elsewhere. Especially after a three game stretch against the Marlins and Cubs in June when he gave up 11 stolen bases. Because Saltalamacchia is going to have catcher eligibility, it makes perfect sense to use him there while he plays first. He has the potential to be a great fantasy catcher.

Q: Who’s a better spot start, Sergio Mitre or Shawn Marcum?

A: As with any spot starter, it always depends on who they’re facing. But, in one deep league I own Mitre as a regular starter on my team. You can’t argue with him when he sports a sub-3 ERA great WHIP and a solid K:BB ratio. Also, playing at home helps out a lot. Marcum is 3-0 as a starter after his win over Washington on Saturday and 4-2 overall. His WHIP and ratios are comparable to Mitre as well. It really comes down to when you need either guy. So far, neither has given any reason as to why they wouldn’t be a great spot start.

Q: Travis Hafner for A-Rod or Crawford?

A: Either. It’s easy to get a first baseman, but you won’t find a player of Rodriguez’ character at third and Crawford offers five categories, too. Hafner will give you average (at some point) along with power, but the other two fill up all the stats. Take your pick.

Q: I was offered Torri Hunter for one of my closers Jenks, Fuentes, or Reyes. I only need 2 closers and could use an extra OF (I would use him at DH). My current OF are Carlos Lee, Markakis, Matsui, and Monroe (at DH).

Is Hunter going to come back down to earth and have average numbers? If he does he is no better than my current OF.

A: Because the Rockies are probably out of it, Fuentes might get shipped off and might not be a closer if that happens. He’s probably the best bet of the three to under perform the rest of the way and if you can get Hunter, do it. The big thing to remember is he’s playing in a contract year and players ALWAYS perform better then the big pay day is on the line.