Fantasy Articles
Q: I’m in a 12 Team 16 Keeper Points Based League and I would be dealing Griffey and Pettitte for Jason Bay. Am I giving too much to get Bay?

A: In a keeper league, definitely not. Maybe not even in a keeper league. Bay is having an off year, yes, but it’s hard to imagine that he’s completely lost the ability to steal bases and hit for power. If you have the option of giving up Griffey and Pettitte without hurting your pitching staff this year, you should definitely pull the trigger. Aside from Bay having the edge in talent, he’s also got an edge in years, too.

Q: I’m in a H2H points league and was wondering if I should try to get Hafner. Will he heat up in the second half?
My team:
C I. Rod, 1B L. Berkman, 2B B. Roberts, 3B Zimmerman, SS Furcal OF A. Soriano, Crawford, Suzuki Util Fielder
P Halladay, C. Young, B. Sheets, T. Hoffman, Saito, Valverde, R. Hill.
Bnch Gallardo, Bailey, Mearshall, Borowski, Billingsley, Bonsor

A: Will he heat up? I don’t think one of the best hitters in the majors is going to hit around .260 for the whole season. It’s fair to imagine he goes nuts in the second half, especially considering that he’s still a ways away from hitting about 40 homers, which should’ve been about his projected number for the season. The good thing you’ve got going is an immense amount of speed, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to trade one of your outfielders to get Hafner. Also, Prince Fielder has been HUGE so far, but he’s due for a drop-off at some point. Maybe package him and an outfielder for Hafner and someone else.

Q: Should I drop Bard and pick up Saltalamacchia in a 7x5 (OBP and 2B+3B are the 2 additional offensive categories) in a keeper league? Bard is not bringing a whole lot to the table lately, so I am wondering if I should take a flier on Saltalamacchia.

A: With Michael Barrett in San Diego, Bard is facing much of the same situation that Salty has in Atlanta. Neither are going to get much time behind the plate, but at least Saltalamacchia could get some starts at first base. Between the two, I’d say Salty is the best bet, especially now that Bard will be sitting much more.

Q: In my 19-team league, which Pirates catcher is the one to own?
A: Between Ronny Paulino and Ryan Doumit, I’d say go with the latter. Both offer similar things: decent average and some power, but Doumit is more versatile in real life and fantasy. He could get starts around the diamond while Paulino is set to be Pittsburgh’s catcher.

Q: I need a replacement for Tyler Clippard, who was optioned in favor of Kei Igawa (as a Yankee fan I hope he has found some shred of talent that he left in Japan) and a replacement for Mike Bacsik (not sent down...just horrible streak of bad starts, which I expect to keep coming).

This is a 20 team league, so there is very little out there.

I'm leaning towards bringing Carlos Marmol because he has pretty good numbers and is SP and RP eligible so I can stick him in one of the five SP spots and Yoel Hernandez, 11 Ks to 0 BB, only given up runs in two appearances and a .75 WHIP...but I wouldn't be able to fit him in because as I said, my RP and P are full.

So instead of Yoel I am thinking Jamey Wright or possibly stashing Kerry Wood , or Edgar Gonzalez or Mark Hendrickson.

A: Marmol is a solid pick-up. I just got him in a 16-team league and he’s a solid pick because he’s a situational guy and Chicago knows when and when not to use him. He’ll provide solid ratios and give you plenty of Ks. If you’re looking for a starter, Gonzalez has the potential to move into the Arizona rotation because of Randy Johnson’s back injury, but there are no promises. Johnson has said he wants to pitch through it and his numbers have been outstanding as of late. Hendrickson has a spot right now as starter/long reliever, so you know you’ll get something out of him. For now, go with Marmol and Hendrickson, but monitor what’s happening with the Diamondbacks. If Gonzalez becomes an option, he’s your man.