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Our Suggested Two Start Pitchers for this week:
Jeremy Bonderman (7.24, 7.29 - @CHA, @LAA)
Mark Buehrle (7.23, 7.28 - DET, TOR)
Roger Clemens (7.23, 7.28 - @KC, @BAL) - weak opponents
Yovanni Gallardo (7.24, 7.29 - @CIN, @STL)
Aaron Harang (7.23, 7.28 - MIL, CHN)
Felix Hernandez (7.23, 7.28) - @TEX, OAK)
Tim Hudson (7.24, 7.29 - @SF, @ARI)
Kile Kendrick (7.24, 7.29 - WAS, PIT) - weak opponents
John Maine (7.24, 7.29 - PIT, WAS)
Sergio Mitre (7.24, 7.29 - @ARI, @SF)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (7.24, 7.29 - @CLE, @TB)
C.C. Sabathia (7.24, 7.29 - BOS, MIN)
Johan Santana (7.23, 7.29 - @TOR, @CLE)
Javier Vazquez (7.24, 7.29 - DET, TOR)
Chien-Ming Wang (7.24, 7.29 - @KC, @BAL)
Carlos Zambrano (7.24, 7.29 - @STL, @CIN)

You Make the Call:
Chad Billingsley (7.23, 7.28 - @HOU, @COL) - Great hitters parks.
Matt Cain (7.23, 7.28 - ATL, FLA) Better numbers than record suggests
Chris Capuano (7.23, 7.28 - @CIN, @STL) weak opposition
Bartolo Colon (7.23, 7.29 - OAK, DET) - pitching awfully
Lenny DiNardo (7.24, 7.29 - @LAA, @SEA) pitching well, but v. best in west
Jeff Francis (7.23, 7.28 - SD, LAN)
Derek Lowe (7.24, 7.29 - @HOU, @COL)  Hitters parks.
Greg Maddux (7.23, 7.28 - @COL, @HOU) soft tosser visits hitters parks
Andrew Miller (7.23, 7.28 - @CHA, @LAA)
John Smoltz (7.23, 7.28 - @SF, @ARI) Shoulder is a concern
Ian Snell (7.24, 7.29 - @NYN, @PHI) - potent offenses.
Chris Young (7.24, 7.29 - @COL, @HOU) Rotten parks to throw at.
Jarrod Washburn (7.24, 7.29 - @TEX, OAK)

Other Two Start Pitchers:
Matt Belisle (7.24, 7.29 - MIL, CHN)
Jason Bergman (7.24, 7.29 - @Phil, @NYN)
Daniel Cabrera (7.24, 7.29 - TB, NYA)
Doug Davis (7.23, 7.28 - FLA, ATL)
Chad Gaudin (7.23, 7.28 - @LAA, @SEA)
Livan Hernandez (7.24, 7.29 - FLA, ATL)
Jason Jennings (7.24, 7.29 - LAN, SD)
Ubaido Jimenez (7.24, 7.29 - SD, LAN) - Both games at Coors.
Scott Kazmir (7.24, 7.29 - @BAL, BOS)
Shaun Marcum (7.23, 7.29 - MIN, @CHA)
Kevin Millwood (7.23, 7.29 - SEA, KC)
Matt Morris (7.24, 7.29 - ATL, FLA)
Odalis Perez (7.23, 7.28 - NYA, TEX)
Chris Sampson (7.23, 7.28 - LAN, SD)
Julian Taverez (7.23, 7.28 - @CLE, @TB)
Kip Wells (7.24, 7.29 - CHN, MIL)
Dontelle Willis (7.23, 7.28 - @ARI, @SF)

Teams with 8 Games:  Brewers, Mariners, Tigers, White Sox
Teams with 6 games: Angels, Blue Jays, Cubs, Devil Rays, Orioles, Pirates, Twins,
Everyone else plays 7 times

At Pitchers Parks this week:
Turner Field (Atlanta): No Games.
Petco Park (San Diego): No Games.
Busch Stadium (St. Louis): 7 Games (3 v. Cubs, 4 v.Brewers).
Minute Maid Park (Houston): 7 Games (3. Dodgers, 4 v. Padres).
Tropicana Field (Florida): No Games.

At Hitters Parks this week:

Fenway Park (Boston):  No Games.
Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati) 7 Games (4 v. Brewers, 3 v. Cubs)
Kaufman Stadium (Kansas City): 7 Games (4 v, Yankees, 3 v. Rangers)
Yankee Stadium (New York):  No Games.
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago):  8 Games (5 v. Tigers, 3 v. Blue Jays).

Ratchet them up!

Manny Corpas (CL, Rockies):  Makes this list for the third consecutive week as rumors bubble that Brian Fuentes will be dealt before the trading deadline which would cement his role as the Rockies closer.

Jim Edmunds (OF, Cardinals):  Returned from the DL after missing 26 games with a back problem.  It’s likely to rob him of some of his power but he definitely bears watching.

Kerry Woods (SP, Cubs):  Seems to be on the road to recovery and could be back in about 2 weeks, that means he might be worth picking up and stashing on your DL if you have the room.

Ryan Theriot (SS, Cubs): 
If you are looking for speed Theriot might be a good pickup.  He’ll get plenty of playing time now that Cesar izturis has been dealt to Pittsburgh.  He’ll likely contribute to average as well.  Just don’t expect much power.

Bill Hall (OF, Brewers):
  Should be back in time for next week.  He looked like he’s fully recovered and should be back in the lineup for anyone who uses him regularly.

Derrek Lee (1B, Cubs):
  Missed most of last week while serving a five game suspension but will have served it by the time this week rolls arounds.

Mike Piazza (DH, A’s):  Was taken off the DL but how much playing time he’ll have is very much up in the air.  Odds are Jack Cust will get the bulk of at bats - and Piazza will end up DHing elsewhere by week’s end.

Phil Hughs (SP, Yankees):  The team’s top pitching prospect is almost ready to return to the Yankee rotation.  He’s a solid pickup for anyone looking for pitching - especially while the Yankees are playing well.

Jermaine Dye (OF, White Sox):  Looks to have regained his form and is playing like the Dye of last year.  You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have noticed that the last couple of weeks, but I’ll mention it nonetheless.  He’s also got a fair chance to be moved to a contender which could help further his value.

Reggie Sanders (OF, Royals):
  Returned from the DL and will get as much playing time as he can handle, either with this team, or with another as the trading deadline appoaches.

Ryan Dempster (RP, Cubs):
  Returned from the DL and should regain the closers role by mid week.

Huston Street (CL, A’s):  Should return to the A’s bullpen early next week and should be back in the closers role a few days later.

Scott Podsednik (OF, White Sox):  Is almost ready to come off the DL and get back into the fantasy mix.  He’s only played in 19 games this year and didn’t have a great season last year - but he’s a better ase stealing soption than many of the players out there if you need some speed.

Jason Kendall (C, Cubs):
  A move back to the NL can only help this once solid fantasy producer.  The Cubbies surging offense may offer him a chance to boost his currently pathetic fantasy value.  I wouldn’t count on it unless you are scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrell.

Steve Trachsel (SP, Orioles): Returned from the DL late last week, he’s unlikely to have value in any but the deepest of leagues.

Ratchet them down!

David Ortiz (DH, Red Sox):  Suffered a sprained left shoulder while diving into a base on Friday.  This could be a moderately serious issue with lingering reprecussions to his power and production.

Roy Oswalt (SP, Astros):  Left the game Friday with a apparent chest injury.  That’s likely a muscle issue and almost certainly means DL time.

Ben Sheets (SP, Brewers):  Will miss at least a month and could be out for much longer with damage to the attachments of the tendon in his right middle finger.  

Chad Cordero (CL, Nationals):  Is likely to be traded in the next week and will almost certainly end up as a set up man.  I’d be looking to move him if I could.

Chris Carpenter (SP, Cardinals):  Carpenter’s return from the DL has been put on hold for all of 2007 and much of 2008 as he will undergo Tommy John surgery to replace a ligament in his pitching elbow.  If you still have him, go ahead and drop him.

Nick Swisher (OF, A’s):
  Sprained his shoulder making a diving catch on Friday.  He’ll need a few days off at the very least, but DL time is likely.

Jose Valentin (2B, Mets):  Took a foul ball off of his shin and fractured his tibia.  That means at least 4 weeks on the shelf but more likely 6-10 weeks.

Rickie Weeks (2B, Brewers):  His production has been so effected by his sore wrist that he’s at least temporarily been relegated to coming off the bench.  That knocks his fantasy value down to just above nil.  Hopefully this will allow his wrist to heal and he’ll get back into the lineup as a regular within a week or two.

Akinori Otsuka (RP, Rangers):  Continuing on that theme it must be noted that Otsuka has an inflammed ligament in his right forearm and has been placed on the 15 day DL.  This could be a lingering issue and could effect the Rangers decision to trade or not to trade Eric Gagne.

Scott Rolen (3B, Cardinals):
  Missed several games last week with inflamation in his left shoulder.  He recieved a cortisone shot and will be reevaluated early in the week, but he’ll likely misss some time.

Cliff Floyd (OF, Cubs):  The aging Floyd was involved in a collision at first base on Thursday and left the game with a sore neck and side.  He’s likely to miss some time.

Chad Tracy (3B, Diamondbacks):
  Is suffering from severe tendonitis in his right knee and will miss at least part, but more likely all of next week.

Michael Cuddyer (OF, Twins):
  A swollen thumb on his right hand may slow down his production or keep him out of the lineup for at least two weeks.  He’s been placed on the 15 day DL.

Eric Bedard (SP, Orioles):  Missed a start Wedsnesday due to a stiff neck.  This might be nothing to worry about but unless he starts over the weekend it’s likely that he’ll miss some time next week.  That means keep a sharp eye on him.

Kei Igawa (SP, Yankees):  Will lose his starting job in the upcoming week.

Marcus Thames (OF, Tigers): 
Was placed on the 15 day DL with a strained left hamstring.

Termell Sledge (OF, Padres):
  Was reactivated from the DL but since Milton Bradley joined the team his playing time is likely to be even more limited than it was before.

Kenny Lofton (OF, Rangers):
  Left the game after fouling a pitch off his foot on Friday.  It looks like he’s merely got a bruised foot, but don’t be shocked if he misses some time.

Jason Phillips (C, Blue Jays):  Was released by the team on Friday.

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