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Q: Rank in order of best stats for the rest of the season:

Raul Ibanez
Geoff Jenkins
Matt Stairs
Joey Votto
Dan Johnson
Matt Kemp

Essentially asking if there's anybody I should drop Ibanez or Jenkins (or both) for

A: Considering Votto is still slugging away in the minors, it’s easy to put him at the bottom of this list. Scott Hatteberg is entrenched at first base for now and he’s not really doing anything to hurt the Reds. Unless Hatteberg is traded - the Yankees might make sense, but Andy Phillips is playing well - Votto should spend most of the season in Triple-A until rosters expand.

Johnson really hasn’t done much and Stairs is in the same boat. Of all these players, Kemp is your best bet right now, but who knows if he can keep up his torrid pace for the rest of the season. For now, stick to your guns. If you have to, just hit up the waiver wire and grab someone who’s hitting hot every week or so.

Q: This is my current roster in an 12 team NL only 5x5 league. Who should I drop to active Smoltz?

C Ronny Paulino
1B Albert Pujols
2B Orlando Hudson
3B Ryan Braun
SS J.J. Hardy
OF Matt Kemp
OF Kelly Johnson
OF Shane Victorino
Uti James Loney
BN Kazuo Matsui
BN Chad Tracy
BN Edwin Encarnacion

SP Brandon Webb
SP Dave Bush
RP Takashi Saito
RP Carlos Marmol
P Bob Howry
P Manny Corpas
P Chris Capuano
BN Derek Lowe
BN Chuck James
DL John Smoltz

A: Kaz Matsui really hasn’t done anything in July, with an average around the Mendoza line and an OBP under .300. That, and he has two stolen bases compared to seven from June. I’d say he’s a prime candidate from your offense. If you want to drop a pitcher, the easiest choice is to get rid of Smoltz’ teammate, James. Smoltz should be better and James is an average pitcher. His WHIP will kill you and he’s not striking out a lot of guys.

Q: Which of Ian Kinsler or Miguel Tejada has the most value over the next three seasons?

A: With Kinsler on the DL, it’s easy to see why Tejada obviously has the advantage for the time being. However, there’s no reason why Kinsler shouldn’t be able to overcome Tejada as early as next season in value. With the exception of his batting average, Kinsler was on his way to have a great season, providing something in the range of 20-25 homers with 20-25 steals. Kinsler’s minor league career average was .302, so hitting for contact shouldn’t be a problem. While Tejada’s skills slowly degrade, Kinsler is entering the prime of his career. Easy choice.

Q: I'm currently in 1st with a seven game lead, while the guy who's asking for a trade is in 2nd.  I need a little pitching help and he needs OF help. Though I'm not sure I should make a deal of Abreu and a closer for Bedard. Do I try and make a trade for Bedard and pick up Manny Corpas as a back up closer, or just go ahead and pickup Garza off the waiver wire? Here’s my OF: V. Wells, B. Abreu, Dye, Byrnes, Hawpe, Swisher.
Here’s my closers: F. Cordero, K. Gregg, E. Gagne, B. Jenks.

A: Abreu has been one of the streakiest hitters in the majors this season, so it’s hard to imagine just what he’ll do the rest of the way. That being said, he does play for the Yankees so RBI opportunities will be plentiful and he’ll see lots of fastballs hitting in front of A-Rod. Bedard is absolutely on a tear right now and there’s not reason that he won’t slow down. He’ll offer you great stats across the board. If you can ship off Abreu and Gregg, picking up Corpas will fill the immediate hole. Or, you can take the gamble and trade Gagne and assume that when/if he gets traded, he’ll be filling in as a set-up man. Bedard is a great addition, but just be careful trading with the second place team.