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Our Suggested Two Start Pitchers for this week:
Josh Beckett (7.31, 8.5 - BAL, @SEA)
Erik Bedard (7.31, 8.5 - @BOS, @TB)
Fausto Carmona (7.31, 8.5 - TEX, @MIN)
Chuck James (7.31, 8.5 - HOU, COL)
Cole Hamels (7.30, 8.5 - @CHN, @MIIL)
John Lackey (7.31, 8.5 - @SEA, @OAK)
Dustin McGowan ((7.30, 8.5 - TB, TEX) - weak opponents
Kenny Rogers (7.30, 8.5 - @OAK, CHN)
Brandon Webb (7.31, 8.5 - SD, LAN)

You Make the Call:
Miguel Batista (7.30, 8.5 - LAA, BOS)
Jose Contreras (7.31, 8.5 - @NYA, @DET) - Ugly competition
Aaron Cook (7.31, 8.5 - @FLA, @ATL)
Tom Glavine (7.31, 8.5 - @MIL, @CHN)
Tom Gorzelanny (7.31, 8.5 - STL, CIN)
Dan Haren (7.31, 8.5 - DET, LAA)
Ted Lilly (7.30, 8.4 - PHI, NYN)
Derek Lowe (7.31, 8.5 - SF, ARI) - may be injured (groin)
Jason Marquis (7.31, 8.5 - PHI, NYN)
Dustin Moseley (7.30, 8.5 - @SEA, @OAK)
Mike Mussina (7.31, 8.5 - CHA, KC)
Scott Olsen (7.31, 8.5 - COL, HOU)
Carlos Silva (7.31, 8.5 - KC, CLE)
Adam Wainwright ((7.31, 8.5 - @PIT, @WAS)

Other Two Start Pitchers:
Scott Baker (7.301, 8.4 - KC, CLE)
Matt Chico ((7.31, 8.5 - CIN, STL)
Jorge De La Rosa (7.31, 8.5 - @MIN, @NYA)
Adam Eaton (7.31, 8.5 -@CHN, @MIL)
Justin Germano (7.31, 8.5 - ARI, SF)
Kyle Lohse (7.31, 8.5 -@WAS, @PIT)
Noah Lowry (7.31, 8.5 - @LAD, @SD)
Brandon McCarthy ((7.31, 8.5 - @CLE, @TOR)
Gil Meche ((7.30, 8.5 - @MIN, @NYA) - possible injury
Chris Sampson (7.31, 8.5 - @ATL, @FLA)
Andy Sonnanstine (7.30, 8.5 - TOR, BAL)
Jeff Suppan (7.31, 8.5 - NYN, PHI)

Teams with 6 games: Astros, Blue Jays, Braves, Brewers, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Indians, Mariners, Marlins,  Mets, Nationals, Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Rangers, Red Sox, Rockies, Tigers, White Sox, Yankees
Everyone else plays 7 times

At Pitchers’ parks this week:
Turner Field (Atlanta): 6 Games (3 v. Astros, 3 v. Rockies)
Petco Park (San Diego): 6 Games (3 v. D’Backs, 3 v. Giants)
Busch Stadium (St. Louis): No Games.
Minute Maid Park (Houston): No Games
Tropicana Field (Florida): 6 Games (3 v. Rockies, 3 v. Astros).

At Hitters’ parks this week:
Fenway Park (Boston):  3 Games (v. Orioles)
Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati) No Games
Kaufman Stadium (Kansas City): 7 Games (4 v. Royals, 3 v. Indians).
Yankee Stadium (New York):  6 Games (3 v. White Sox, 3 v. Royals)
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago):  No Games.

Ratchet them up!

Curt Schilling (SP, Red Sox):  Has been looking good in rehab starts and should be back in the rotation at the end of next week.

Scott Rolen (3B, Cardinals):  Seems to have found his power stroke once again and at least for the moment isn’t a bad pickup if you need third base help.

Hanley Ramirez (SS, Marlins):  Will probably be back in the lineup sometime this week and should be in your lineup, too.

Miguel Tejada (SS, Orioles):  Returned from the DL several weeks ahead of schedule.  It’s hard to guess if he’s really at 100% but he’s too good to remain on your bench.

Brett Myers (CL, Phillies):  Was reactivated from the DL and is back in the bullpen, and will regain the closer’s role quite quickly.

Bill Hall (OF, Brewers):  Is back in the lineup.

Tahahito Iguchi (2B, Phillies):  The talented Iguchi was traded to Philly and will put up better numbers than he did in Chicago but his value is limited as he’ll only get playing time until Chase Utley returns.

Ian Kinsler (2B, Rangers):  Is almost ready to return from the DL and should be reactivated this week.

Houston Street (CL, A’s):  Was reactivated by the A’s and is being eased back into the closer’s role.  If you haven’t already done so, reactivate him.

Fernando Rodney (RP, Tigers):  Has been pitching well in rehab and probably will be reactivated sometime in the next week.

Jason Lane (OF, Astros):  In deep leagues Lane might be worth a pickup.  While he’s nowhere as talented as Hunter Pence he offers some power and should get some playing time.

Craig Monroe (OF, Tigers):  Will get plenty of playing time with Marcus Thames on the DL.  That increases his value - especially with the Tigers offense running at full throttle.

Moises Alou (OF, Mets):  Has rotator cuff damage but he’s returned from the DL and seems able to contribute.

Josh Paul (C, Devil Rays):  Was reactivated from the DL after missing most of the season.  He’ll be put back into the starting lineup almost immediately.

Ratchet them down!

Chase Utley (2B, Phillies):  Utley broke his right wrist on Thursday and will miss at least three weeks but probably will miss most of August.

B.J. Upton (SS, Devil Rays):  Left the game on Thursday with cramps in his legs - keep an eye on this.  It could be serious or very minor.

Pedro Lopez (SS, Reds):  Was hit in the face by a pitched ball which broke his cheekbone.  He’ll miss a couple of weeks at least.  It will force Juan Castro who has a partially torn ligament in his throwing arm back into the lineup.

Gary Sheffield (OF, Tigers): Is battling a sore shoulder which kept him out of the lineup several games last week.  It’s important to watch him over the weekend.

Tom Gorzelanny (SP, Pirates):  Left the game on Thursday with shoulder stiffness which may be of no concern, but it could be a warning sign of a more serious injury.

Carlos Beltran (OF, Mets):  Has a strained abdominal muscle and missed several games last week.  Watch to see if he plays this weekend - this type of injury is often problematic and can rob a player of power and speed.

Derek Lowe (SP, Dodgers):  Has a strained groin but just how serious the injury is hasn’t yet been revealed.  A DL trip seems likely but in a best case scenario will probably miss at least one start.

David Ross (C, Reds):  Dislocated a finger last week and will miss some time.

Chris Ray (RP, Orioles):  Was placed on the 15 day DL with a sore elbow.  Looks like he’ll miss at least a month, as bone chips were found within the joint.  A closer by committee approach seems inevitable, but Jamie Walker could take over.

Bobby Crosby (SS, A’s):  Was placed on the 15 day DL with a fractured left hand after being hit by a pitch earlier in the week.  He’ll miss at least three weeks, probably double that.

Bartolo Colon (SP, Angels):  Turns out that Colon may have a mechanical reason for his ineffectiveness this season.   An MRI has revealed elbow problems and the Angels have placed him on the 15 day DL.  The Angels will rest him as long as possible.

Chris Young (SP, Padres):  Has a strained abdominal muscle which resulted in him being pulled after just two innings on Tuesday. This could be a serious issue.

Hunter Pence (OF, Astros):  Will miss quite a bit of time - maybe the rest of the season with a bone chip in the wrist and a sprained capsular sprain on that same wrist.  The Astros won’t rush him back.

Mike Napoli (C, Angels):  Hurt his hamstring on Friday.  He probably will end up on the DL, giving Jeff Mathis the bulk of the playing time.

Eric Chavez (3B, A’s):  Will probably miss a few games with a sore back - but back injuries are a real concern for all fantasy owners.

Randy Johnson (SP, Diamondbacks):  Will undergo back surgery next week and is done for the season. If you had him stashed away on your DL you might as well cut him.

Cliff Lee (SP, Indians):  Was demoted to AAA.

Scott Hairston (OF, Padres):  Was traded to the offense starved Padres and will play on a regular basis.  A change of scenery won’t hurt him and might allow him to get a fresh start, but he won’t get any benefit from playing in the most pitcher friendly park in the NL.

Kei Igawa (SP, Yankees):  Was demoted to AAA.

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