Fantasy Articles
Our Suggested Two Start Pitchers for this week:
Tim Lincecum (8/6, 8/11 - WAS, PIT)
Jake Peavy (8/7. 8/12 - @STL, @CIN)
Andy Pettitte (8/6, 8/12 - @TOR, @CLE)
Justin Verlander (8/6, 8/11 - TB, OAK)
David Wells (8/6, 8/11 - @STL, @CIN)

You Make the Call:

Mike Bacsik (8/7, 8/12 -@SF, @ARI)
Brian Bannister  (8/7, 8/12 - MIN, TOR)
Boof Bonser  (8/7, 8/12 -@KC, @LAA)
Buddy Carlyle (8/7, 8/12 - @NYN, @PHI)
Mark Hendrickson (8/7, 8/12 -@CIN, @STL)
Rich Hill (8/6, 8/11 - @HOU, @COL) - great hitters parks.
Byung Hyun Kim (8/7, 8/12 -PIT, WAS)
Jesse Litsch (8/6, 8/12 - NYA, @KC) - Like the KC matchup
Jamie Moyer (8/7, 8/12 -FLA, ATL)
Curt Schilling (8/6, 8/12 - @LAA, @BAL) - a busy return
Jered Weaver (8/6, 8/12 -BOS, MIN)
Barry Zito (8/7, 8/12 - WAS, PIT) - weakest opposition in the NL

Other Two Start Pitchers:

Dallas Braden (8/6, 8/12 - @TEX, @DET)
Paul Byrd (8/6, 8/11 - @MIN, NYA)
John Danks (8/7, 8/12 -CLE, SEA) - may get wins, but tough opponents
Phil Dimatrait (8/7, 8/12 -LAN, SD)
Josh Fogg (8/6, 8/12 - MIL, CHN)
Jason Hammel (8/6. 8/11 - @DET, @TEX)
Jason Hirsh (8/7, 8/12 -MIL, CHN)
Edwin Jackson (8/7, 8/12 - @DET, @TEX)
Brian Lawrence (8/8, 8/12 - ATL, FLA)
John Lannan (8/6, 8/11 - @SF, ARI)
Braden Looper (8/6, 8/11 - SD, LAN)
Paul Maholm (8/7, 8/12 - @ARI, @SF)
Sean Marshall (8/7, 8/12 - @HOU, @COL)
Micah Owings (8/7, 8/12 -PIT, WAS)
Anthony Reyes (8/7, 8/12 -SD, LAN)
John Rheinecker (8/6, 8/12 - OAK, TB)
Nate Robertson (8/7, 8/12 - TB, OAK)
Wandy Rodriguez (8/6, 8/12 - CHN, MIL) - ouch.
Carlos Silva (8/6, 8/11 - CLE, @LAA)
Steve Trachsel (8/7, 8/12 - SEA, BOS)
Claudio Vargas (8/6, 8/12 - @COL, @HOU)
Jeff Weaver (8/7, 8/12 -@BAL, @CHA)
Jake Westbrook  (8/7, 8/12 -@CHN, NYA)

Teams with 7 games:
Cardinals, Cubs, Devil Rays, Giants, Indians, Nationals, Padres, Rockies, Tigers, Twins.
Everyone else plays 6 times

At Pitchers Parks this week:
Turner Field (Atlanta): No Games.
Petco Park (San Diego): No Games.
Busch Stadium (St. Louis): 7 Games (4 v. SD, 3 v. LAN)
Minute Maid Park (Houston): 7 Games (3 v. CHN, 3 v. Mil)
Tropicana Field (Florida): No Games.

At Hitters Parks this week:
Fenway Park (Boston):  No Games.
Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati) 6 Games (3 v. LAN, 3 v. SD)
Kaufman Stadium (Kansas City): 6 Games (3 v. MIN, 3 v. TOR).
Yankee Stadium (New York):  No Games.
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago):  6 Games (3 v, CLE, 3 v, SEA)

Ratchet them up!

Justin Upton (OF, Diamondbacks):  If you are in the position where you need a speculative pick with a lot of upside keep an eye on Upton.  He’s th little brother of Tampas B.J. Upton and he was the first overall pick in the 2005 draft.  He hasn’t played above AA but with the talent he has he could emerge into something special quickly.

Curt Schilling (SP, Red Sox):
  Will return for next week.

Jose Batista (3B, Pirates):
  Was reactivated from the DL and will probably win back his regular job at 3B fairly soon.

Mark Teixeira (1B, Braves):  Has been plugged into one of the most potent offenses in the NL - he’ll get a lot more RBIs here.

Jarrod Saltamaccia (C, Rangers):  Will have his value go up as he’ll hit lower in the batting order - giving him more RBI chances.

Phil Hughes (SP, Yankees):  Returned from the DL and is a very worthwhile pickup in any league he is still available.

Nook Logan (OF, Nationals):  The speedly Logan looks like he’s taken control of a regular outfielders job.  He won’t contribute much besides steals but if you are looking for a chance to move up in that category he’s worth a look.

A.J. Burnett (SP, Blue Jays):  Looks to be ready to rejoin the big team sometime towards the end of next week.  That means he’s likely to throw his first pitches against the Royals - so plug him in if you have him.

Danys Baez (RP, Orioles):  Baez will be the closer until Chris Ray returns from the DL.  He’s going to make you bite your nails a bit but he’ll probably get some saves.

Michael Cuddyer (OF, Twins):  Was reactivated from the DL and should be plugged back into the lineup quick as you can.

Adam Jones (OF, Mariners):  The Mariners called up their top slugging prospect from AAA.   This guy is very Major League ready and could be an immeditate impact player.  If he starts hot, he could end up displacing one of the vets (mainly Raul Ibanez) and earning a regular spot.  So keep an eye on him.

Byung Hyun Kim (SP, Diamondbacks):  Was claimed off waivers from the Rockies by the Diamondbacks.   Getting out of Colorado can only improve his value fantasywise.

Ratchet them down!

Eric Gagne (RP, Red Sox):  Was traded to the Red Sox and will be used as a set up man.

Milton Bradley (OF, Padres): 
Strained his right hamstring and could be headed to the DL.  In any case it will effect his production, consider yourself warned and use an alternate if you have one.

Gary Sheffield (OF, Tigers):
  Has been experiencing what has been called “numbness” in his shoulder.  This could resolve quickly but it could also be indicative of a nerve problem.   Don’t be shocked if he heads to the DL.

Edgar Renteria (SS, Braves):
  Was placed on the DL with a strained ankle.

Eric Chavez (3B: A’s):
  Was placed on the 15 day DL retroactive to July 27th due to recurrent back spasms.

Renyel Pinto (RP, Marlins): 
Well he wasn’t a fantasy factor in any case, but a shoulder injury suffered on Thursday will likely be sending him to the DL.

Josh Johnson (SP, Marlins):
  Has to undergo Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of this season and all of 2008.

Jim Thome (1B/DH, White Sox):
Was pulled from Thursdays game because of back spasms.   This probably isn’t serious, but these things sometimes take a week or so to resolve.

Kyle Lohse (SP, Phillies):  Shouldn’t be on your team in any case but he left thursdays game in the second inning with a contusion.of his right forearm.

Carlos Beltran (OF, Mets):
  Was placed on the 15 day DL and will miss all of next week.

Octavio Dotel (RP, Braves):  Won’t be the team closer after his trade to Atlanta.

Rodrigo Lopez (SP, Rockies):  Was placed on the 15 day DL with with a flexor tendon strain of his right forearm.

Chris Young (SP, Padres):
  Was placed on the 15 day DL as predicted, He has a strain of the abdominal oblique muscle.  That being said he’s expected to be back late in the week.  I’d bench him until I see the first outing if you can afford to do it.

Juan Castro (SS, Reds): 
Will undergo season ending surgery to repair a torn ligament in is right elbow.

Carlos Quentin (OF, Diamondbacks):  Was placed on the 15 day DL with a hamstring strain.

Sammy Sosa (OF/DH, Rangers):
  Willl have his playing time cut so the team can evaluate younger talent.

Kerry Woods (SP, Cubs):  Will pitch from the bullpen but not close when he returns from the DL.

Rickie Weeks (2B, Brewers):
Was demoted to AAA.

Carl Crawford (OF, Devil Rays):  Is playing through a wrist injury - that probably reduces him to a pure singles hitter.

Kameron Loe (SP, Ranger):
  Woe unto those who had been throwing Loe - it that in itself wasn’t bad enough, add the fact he’s on the DL to the list.

Neifi Perez (IF, Tigers):  Was suspended for 80 games for his third violation of the leagues stimulant policy.

Rod Barajas (C, Phillies):  Sure Barajas is a backup catcher but in any league which requires two catchers he’s on someone’s roster.  He’s been placed on the DL with a groin injury and will probably miss more than two weeks.

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