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Q: Should I use my waiver wire priority on Gagne, Okajima or Schilling?

Here's my staff:

SP Brett Myers
SP Brandon Webb
RP Francisco Rodríguez
RP Joe Nathan
P Brad Lidge
P Manny Corpas
P Bob Wickman
BN Johan Santana
BN Carlos Zambrano
BN Daisuke Matsuzaka
DL Pedro Martínez

I'm trying to keep my ratios down. Can I just use the RP strategy along with my 3 stud SP and maybe Pedro to lower my ratios and pick up some vulture wins and Ks?

A: It looks like you're following that plan quite nicely already. Of that whole group, Wickman is the easiest to let go. You could drop him for Gagne or Okajima and you'd probably get better ratios from either. Okajima has better chances of getting wins, just because he'll be used in more situations than Gagne would, since Gange is now the official set-up man for Papelbon.


Q: Will Justin Upton or Adam Jones help my team at all?

A: Upton is 19 and hasn't even played in Triple-A yet. While he'll get plenty of playing time with Carlos Quentin injured/never playing well, your better bet between the two is easily Jones, who had 21 home runs in 81 games. While Jones will be an upgrade both offensively and defensively for the Mariners, it depends on what you're looking for. He could be a decent add, but don't expect much out of either of the two. Last year he hit .216 in 32 games. He'll have his ups and downs this time around as well.

Q: Who do you think is going to be worth more over the remainder of the season: Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Jason Varitek? If Salty gets to play everyday in the heart of the Texas lineup do you think he can be worth more than Varitek?

A: Even if he wasn't in the hear of that order, Salty would still be worth more.Varitek has put up typical numbers for himself with an average around .275 and should end up with 15 homers, but Saltalamacchia has more upside, especially now that he's in Texas and should be playing every day behind the plate, at first or at the DH spot. By virtue of playing in Texas during the dry summer, you should give Salty a try first. He should be able to display some more power than in Atlanta.

Q: Who would you rather own over the rest of the season and why? I currently own Shields and Hughes is available. I think right now Shields is just a spot start for me. What do you guys think?

A: As evidenced by his performance this weekend against Kansas City (4 2/3 IP, 6 ER), Hughes still has a way to go. He's young and a pitcher, which means that he'll be more uncertain than rookie hitters. Shields is a much better bet. He's still striking out a ton of people and his WHIP ( 1.15) is far too low for his ERA (4.45). He may not win a ton of games playing for the Devil Rays, but at least they have some decent bats to back him up. Stick with Shields. Even if he slumps a little, he'll still be better than Hughes.