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Q: I’m in a 12-team keeper league and I have a pair of guys coming off the DL and I need to find one more cut out of these players:

Richie Sexson-batting .200 and a part time player with good power
Jason Giambi-almost 36-sharing job with Damon
Noah Lowry-no K's 135ip/75ks
Guthrie-good k's but walks are increasing and it seems like tems are starting to figure him out

A: Richie Sexson 32 years old and has been barely hitting above .200 the entire season. He’ll probably end up with 25 home runs, but you don’t expect that little production from your first baseman when he can barely stay over the Mendoza line. Even now, Sexson has lost playing time to Ben Broussard, so don’t feel bad about cutting ties. In order, I’d say go Sexson, Guthrie, Giambi, Lowry.

Q: I have Schilling on the DL right now and really need to deal some of my depth, how would you rate this pitchers?

J. Lackey
C. Schilling
K. Escobar
R. Hill
A. Harang
T. Hudson
C. Hamels
T. Linecum
Y. Gallardo

A: Lackey was tops among these guys until mid-June, when he came back down to Earth. He’s still great, but I’d put Hamels at the top right now followed by Lackey, Hudson/Harang, Escobar, Schilling, Hill, Lincecum and Gallardo.

I’m hesitant about Escobar just because he’s walked far too many batters his last couple starts. Of the Hudson/Harang pairing, I’d say Harang before, just because he’s still striking out a ton while walking next to no one. All these guys offer lots of strikeouts, which is good, too.

Q: 12 team standard Yahoo league with daily transactions. I have Dice K and he's been good but not sure if he'll continue to do well. Oswalt is turning it up. Obvious Dice K for W but who will be better from here on out?

A: Oswalt has won his last four starts, but it’s not like Matsuzaka’s record shouldn’t have two or three more wins based on Boston’s run support for him in several games. Honestly, the biggest difference between the two is Oswalt knows what it’s like pitching right now in the NL and what he needs to do. Dick-K hasn’t had that experience, but hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. Honestly, it’s pretty much a wash. Either could offer you five or more wins the rest of the way and plenty strikeouts. Take your pick. If you can get something else back with Oswalt, look for a deal.

Q: I recently traded Brian Roberts to the Chase Utley owner for Sabathia. Now that same owner, in third place behind me by 9.5 points, has offered Griffey for Lackey straight up. Although I am looking to get another above-average outfielder to complement Sizemore while I wait for Pence to return, Griffey just doesn't seem to be the one. This owner's other top flight hitters are Sheffield, Glaus, Ordonez, Matsui, Burrell and Thome - though I doubt he'd trade any of those except for Burrell.

Would the addition of Griffey really add anything to my offense?

A: Based on who your other pitchers are, it couldn’t hurt to add him. With Griffey, you obviously always have the random risk of him pulling up lame in any game at any time, but he’s not only been consistently healthy in ‘07, he’s been good. If you need power then you’re probably not going to find someone of Griffey’s caliber on the waiver wire, but you could definitely just continuously pick up the hot bat, instead. Throw back and offer with a lesser pitcher to see if the other owner will bite. If they’re desperate for pitching help, maybe that will save you from losing a top-notch pitcher.