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With drafts already rolling in many leagues and with many more still coming up, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind on draft day. 

20) DO bring a guide or reference list to your draft to look up and check on players as they come up for auction or your turn comes up.

19) DON’T use last year’s guide or reference to save a few bucks

18) DO take into account park effects for every player you are interested in.

17) DON’T try to draft your home team because you are a fan

16) DO draft the best players off your home team if the price is right and not inflated due to hometown markup.

15) DON’T punt a category on draft day - it’s not a good plan even if you think you can build a better team by focusing on other categories.

14) DO pay attention to where a player bats in the batting order

13) DON’T try to corner the market in guys named Rodriguez - while it might be fun you’d only fill six positions and only three of them would be worth having. (A-Rod, I-Rod, K-Rod)

12) DO remember that there are good and even great players on bad teams.

11) DON’T forget that rookies and sleepers are gambles, not sure things so don’t overpay or pick them too soon.

10) DO take into account positions scarcity.

9) DON’T play eenie meany miney moe - all players are not equal and even players who are close statistically will probably have slight differences you can use to your advantage.

8) DO work the draft system to the best of your advantage - promoting players you don’t want, and making other players pay as much as possible for every player they grab.

7) DON’T draft the entire Orioles pitching staff because “this year is gonna be their year!”

6) DO remember that starting pitchers and closers are not everyday players and are prone to serious injury.

5) DON’T try to outbid the guy who won last year on every player he tries to get in the hope that his strategy is better than yours.

4) DO check the injury reports before going into your draft.

3) DON’T go into the draft without a plan.

2)  DO plan your draft and draft your plan.

1)  DON’T forget that fantasy baseball is supposed to be fun.


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