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Since we decided to run a fantasy mailbag column here, the e-mail has just been pouring in. So in our inaugural column here I decided to pull out a handful of draft related questions, and at least for the next few weeks I’ll be focusing in on drafting questions so if you have something you’d like to have answered shoot me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


What’s up Doc?
I’ve got a question for you about my upcoming roto draft. It’s a standard 5 x 5 with 12 players with using both AL and NL players. I have the 9th pick in the draft and am trying to figure out if I can wait until the second round to pick up Ryan Braun. What do you think?
- Paul, Minnesota

Dear Paul,

Asking for Braun to be around on your second pick (16th) is a reach in most drafts, but knowing exactly where to rank him in a draft is a bit tricky. Braun for all his formidable talent is just 24 and has a grand total of 117 games under his belt. He could improve a ton, but since there is a lack of track record at the big league level, and only a small one at the minor league level, he is a somewhat speculative, rather than proven pick.


Still with the upside that this guy has there is no question he’s a top 20, maybe even a top 10 pick. Still, I’d pass on him in the first round and pick someone a bit more established and if he’s still around on that 16th pick, feel free to grab him and keep your fingers crossed.

What’s up Doc?

Who’s the more valuable shortstop in a h2h league Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes, or Hanley Ramirez?
- Tony, Los Angeles

Dear Tony,

You didn’t tell me the details about your league and the answer really depends on just who you draft to go with that shortstop. For pure speed Reyes is the man to have and Rollins would be the weakest link, but Rollins is the best of them when it comes to being an all around player who’ll contribute in all five offensive categories, which I think might be more valuable in a head to head league.

Personally, looking at all the speedsters out there and how the number of big sluggers seems to be on a decline I’d say that the potential for Ramerez or Rollins to hit 25-30 home runs at the very least balances out the speed value of Jose Reyes and possibly surpasses it. So in head to head I’d probably go Rollins, Ramirez, Reyes, but I’d consider reversing that order in any non-head to head matchup.


What’s up Doc?

I’m joining a brand new keeper league, standard 5 x 5 and we’re playing with a twist, we are drafting using a system when we draft players year by year so all of last year’s rookies will be drafted in a class of 2007 draft where I have first pick. Who would you choose to pick as last year’s absolute keeper?
- J.M. New York

Dear J.M.,

That’s one weird sounding league but I’d love to hear more about how it works. However, based on my limited understanding, I’d limit my picks to one of the following four - Hunter Pence, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki or Delmon Young on the offensive side and ChrisYoung or Daisuke Matsuzaka if you need pitching help.

Projecting how a player will play out in his career is tough and knowing who is just a flash in the pan might just as well be a guess. However of the four offensive players Delmon Young has the greatest track record but Troy Tulowitzki has the greatest value when looking at positional scarcity. Thus if you see the need for a shortstop and you don’t have a pick in (2000, 2003, or 2005) where you could snag Rollins, Reyes, or Hanley Ramirez, I’d grab him.

If pitching is what you need I’d probably roll with Dice-K since he’ll help you now especially pitching for Boston. He’ll help in four pitching categories and has a track record of pitching well under pressure. Young has better stuff though and could become an elite guy down the road.