Fantasy Articles

How many times has someone told you that you need to be prepared going into your fantasy draft? You have probably even read it here a bazillion times. Of course, if you aren’t playing then there’s no reason to read all of the draft guides, etc., right?
Well, let me tell you, I sure wish that I would have read them this year. I wasn’t even planning to play fantasy baseball – I am just too busy to manage a team and keep on top of all of the minutiae like who’s the closer in Detroit. I don’t even know who the closer in San Francisco is and that’s my team. When my son started a private Yahoo! Fantasy league I was tempted but I held firm – “sorry”, I told everyone, “I just don’t have the time this year.”

As draft day came closer and closer I wished that I was playing but I knew that it wasn’t realistic. Yet, I was involved with all of the dinner table pre-draft discussions and trash talk. I advised my sons and my husband (who joined the league w/ a group of teenagers) that they should read the draft guides and pre-rank their players. I even showed them the Fantasy Rankings in the ESPN magazine - I’m fairly certain that no one bothered to even look at it though. (Unfortunately, neither did I!) My son thought it was hilarious that one of his friends had “38 pages of notes” (the funny thing is that even with the notes he drafted what amounts to a AAA team.) I digress.

Anyway, the morning of draft day I asked them all if they had done their research and pre-ranked their players. “Yea, Uh-huh, whatever.” Okay, I guess I shouldn’t worry about it, it’s not my problem.
Turns out that it became my problem. Yes, you guessed it, at the eleventh hour my husband asked me to draft his team…literally 5 minutes before the live draft! And he hadn’t even pre-ranked any of the players. Egads. And I wasn’t ready….talk about stress. But I did it and all things considered, I am pretty happy with how things turned out.
This is the team that I ended up with…What do you think? (Remember this was with NO prep) (Not in draft order)
Brian McCann
Carlos Pena
Chase Utley
Kevin Youkilis
Michael Young
Manny Ramirez
Hideki Matsui
Jeff Francoeur
Jeremy Hermida
Stephen Drew
Carlos Delgado
Ramon Hernandez
Barry Bonds (he was still available when we got to the last round so what the heck!)
Eric Chavez (didn’t know he was on the DL)
Brandon Webb
Erik Bedard
Matt Cain
Greg Maddux
Mark Buerhle
Billy Wagner
Huston Street

Oh yea, and that closer in Detroit? It’s Todd Jones – I got him too.

Wish me luck. I just discovered that Yahoo! Now allows you to co-manage a team…looks like I am playing fantasy baseball this year after all.