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Q: Would you drop anyone on my roster for Scott Olsen? Thanks!
Yahoo 5x5 12 Team Mixed Roto
C Jorge Posada
1B Albert Pujols
2B Brian Roberts
3B Aramis Ramírez
SS Hanley Ramírez
OF Vladimir Guerrero
OF Álex Ríos
OF Chris B. Young
Util Paul Konerko
BN Frank Thomas

SP John Lackey
SP Chris Young
RP Jason Isringhausen
RP Salomón Torres
P Henry Owens
P Joakim Soria
P Erik Bedard
BN Chuck James
BN Zack Greinke
BN Dave Bush
BN Ervin Santana

A: Depending on what you really want to have, my instinct is to tell you to release Chuck James. The rest of the guys on your staff are all above average and James definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. Even then, I don’t know if Olsen would be an upgrade over James. He didn’t look very good this weekend when he faced the Braves, lasting just 2 2/3 innings. You can always just drop James and use the extra roster spot to rotate spot starters in too.

Q: Rank these SP in order: John Patterson, Anthony Reyes, Matt Garza
Categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, So.

A: As of right now, Patterson is definitely the best of the three. He may not have a great offense to get him plenty of wins, but Reyes shouldn’t win more than 12-15 and Garza may not get enough opportunities in Minnesota for that many. If/when he puts it together and if he can stay healthy, Patterson has always been a threat to be a top-25 pitcher. For the future, though, Garza has the most potential.

Q: 12-team, head-to-head, points league, no bench, keeper league. Hitter scoring stats: 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, BB, SB, R, RBI. 25 man roster (15 hitters, 10 P's)
We play 5 OFs. My current OF is Crisp, Edmonds, Green (DL replacement), Ibanez, Chris B. Young, and Matsui on the DL. I've begun to get nervous about my OF, Crisp and Young have started very slowly and Edmonds is a high injury risk. Below are some possible replacements available on our FA wire.
Josh Hamilton - Is he truely back? Could be nice p/up in keeper league if he's clean and can secure playing time.
Chris Burke - Nice player, not sure he's better than the ones I have though.
Shane Victorino - Nice speed, a little pop. Same as Burke though, not sure if better than what I have.
Brad Wilkerson - Will he ever get on track again?
A few other options are Cliff Floyd, Kevin Millar, Xavier Nady, Scott Thorman, and Dmitri Young.

A: Well, let’s start at the top:
Hamilton - He’ll definitely continue to get playing time as he’s got to stay with the Reds all season long after being picked up in the Rule 5 draft. With Ken Griffey Jr. and Ryan Freel manning the outfield spots, he’s certain to take at bats away to rest them or when they get injured.
Burke - A decent option, but not my kind of guy. Won’t offer you much from an OF position.
Victorino - Love him. He’s hitting #2 in the order in front of Utley and Howard, so you know he’s going to get plenty of runs. He also looks like he’s determined to steal at least 20 bases. In most formats, he’s also eligible at all OF positions if you go specifically (LF, CF, RF).
Wilkerson - Don’t even bother.

I’d also keep an eye on Floyd, since he’ll get more playing time with Soriano injured over the next week. Nady always starts hot, so if you pick him up, trade or ditch him before May is over.

Q: In my 10 team H2H keeper league I have Zimmerman and Teahen for 3b....Chavez is sitting out there in the FA pool and I want to grab him....I'm thinking Teahen, since he'll lose his 3b eligibility next season and I can only keep 5 players (and I don't think Teahen makes the cut anyway).....I'm worried about Zimmerman being the only solid hitter on the Nats and I think if Chavez is healthy could really produce....Instead of Teahen, I could drop Snell, but I really want to hold on to him for a bit.....thoughts?

A: If you’re really desperate to pick up Chavez, I’d say go with Teahen of the guys you mention. Although, Chavez hasn’t been able to hit for a higher average than Teahen should be able to since 2004. Overall, it may be close to a wash. Chavez will probably hit less, their power numbers are comparable (although Chavez may have more RBI) and their runs could be about the same. In the end, it’s what you want to do. Zimmerman should provide you with plenty of ABs in the years to come, so no worries at 3B.