Fantasy Articles

The Week:
Monday, April 23rd - Sunday, April 29th

Two Start Pitchers Worth Using:

  • OAK: Danny Haren

  • BAL: Erik Bedard

  • FLA: Dontrelle Willis

  • BOS: Tim Wakefield

  • TEX: Kevin Millwood

  • CHC: Carlos Zambrano

  • CHW: Mark Buehrle

  • PHI: Adam Eaton

  • OAK: Rich Harden

  • DET: Jeremy Bonderman

  • ANA: John Lackey

  • TOR: Roy Halladay

  • TBD: Scott Kazmir

  • CIN: Aaron Harang

  • MIN: Johan Santana

  • ARI: Randy Johnson

  • LAD: Derek Lowe

You Make the Call:

  • ATL: Kyle Davies

  • NYY: Kei Igawa

  • NYM: John Maine

  • KCR: Gil Meche

  • CLE: Jeremy Sowers

  • ANA: Jered Weaver

  • SEA: Jarrod Washburn

  • HOU: Woody Williams

  • NYY: Chien-Ming Wang

  • CLE: Fausto Carmona

  • CHW: Javier Vazquez

  • KCR: Brian Bannister

  • SDP: David Wells

Don't Bother:

  • TOR: Tomokazu Ohka

  • TBD: Casey Fossum

  • MIL: Claudio Vargas

  • MIN: Carlos Silva

  • DET: Mike Maroth

  • HOU: Chris Sampson

  • TEX: Vicente Padilla

  • PIT: Pat Maholm

  • WAS: Jason Bergmann

  • PHI: Jamie Moyer

  • BOS: Julian Tavarez

  • COL: Aaron Cook

  • STL: Kip Wells

  • SFG: Matt Morris

Eight games this week:

Seven games this week:

At the hitter’s parks this week:

  • Coors Field: Atlanta (4/27 - 4/29)

  • Ameriquest Field: Seattle (4/23 - 4/24)

  • US Cellular Field: Detroit (4/25 - 4/26), Anaheim (4/27 - 4/29)

  • Rogers Center: Texas (4/27 - 4/29)

  • Minute Maid Park: Milwaukee (4/27 - 4/29)

  • Fenway Park: Toronto (4/23 - 4/24)

  • Tropicana Field: New York (4/23 - 4/24)

Ratchet them up!

Alex Rodriguez (3B, Yankees): We all know he's not going to stay this thermo-nuclear hot forever, but the man is locked in with 12 HR and about 40 trillion 2-out, close and late RBIs.  It's nice to see the golden boy can still get on a tear even if I hate him personally.

Barry Bonds (LF, Giants): He's baaaaaaack!  Hey, did you notice he's starting to look bulked up again?  Who here thinks he's completely clean?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  As long as he's shooting up with gallons of synthetic HGH, keep expecting those 1.000+ OPS figures.

Chad Gaudin (SP!, Athletics): The As found themselves a tad shorthanded in the rotation and decided to give middle man Chad Gaudin a crack at starting,  He stepped in and was lights out (granted, it was against Anaheim) for the big W.  If the As give Gaudin some starts, he's a major sleeper much like Fausto Carmona was last year.

Braden Looper (SP, Cardinals): All the doubts and fears of the pre-season about whether a mediocre reliever had what it took to start have been somewhat allayed by a very solid start to the 2007 season for Looper.  He's pitching a little lucky right now considering his relatively low K rate and stellar BABIP, but if he can keep going deep into games, he's a valuable commodity,

Gil Meche (SP, Royals): He's maddeningly inconsistent and has fooled Mariners fans many times before, but Meche is molten hot right now, with a great 21/7 K/BB, just 3 HR in a league-best 28.1 IP, and otherwise sensational peripherals.  If he can keep his arm fresh, he's a good bet to stay strong well into June.  He gives Royals fans a reason to hope.

Brian McCann (C, Braves): If there were any doubters before the draft (his 2006 season seemed out of proportion with his minor league history), they're probably not doubting McCann now that he's picked up right where he left off.  McCann is fast becoming the second or third base catcher in baseball.

Moises Alou (LF, Mets): He says he's as healthy as he's been in five years, and he's hitting like it too.  Alou has helped get the Mets off to a hot offensive start in 2007 with a .350+ BA and plenty of timely RBIs.

Ratchet them down!

Raul Ibanez (LF, Mariners): It's too early to make a mountain out of a 12 PA mole hill, but Ibanez' continued deterioration against left handed pitching (he's just 2 for 12 for no walks and no extra base hits against the southpaws this year) could be a warning sign for an impending collapse.

Miguel Batista (SP, Mariners): It's not so much that I'm expecting disastrously bad things from Batista, but he's been up with his pitches a lot in the early going and has thus far proven that he has absolutely no margin for error.  I'd steer clear of Batista until he gets into a groundball-inducing rhythm.

Brandon McCarthy (SP, Rangers): Extreme flyball pitcher + drop in velocity (from 94 to 91!) + launching pad of Ameriquest = eeeewwww.  McCarthy isn't the answer for the sputtering Rangers.

Philadelphia Phillies (The whole idiotic team): What kind of short sighted, feeble minded manager moves his best starter to the bullpen because he got off to a rocky start?  Serious, I want to know?  Don't trust anyone in Philly's pitching staff at the moment, least of all Brett Myers, who many of you probably drafted before round ten.

Kip Wells (SP, Cardinals): I hope none of you were fooled into believe the Kipper was anything other than a 5-inning #5 starter.  If you were, shame on you.

Kei Igawa (SP, Yankees): Thus far, Igawa is proving to be a failed experiment in New York.  He's an extreme flyball pitcher who relies on command of his curveball and mediocre fastball to get by.  He's the less intelligent version of Barry Zito and he's not going to solve any problems for the Yankees.