Fantasy Articles

Not much new stuff going on this week. There have been pitching revelations (Odalis Perez, anyone?) and the re-emergence of Richie Sexson. But nothing exciting. Where’s a Johnny Cueto-like debut when you need one?

 Frank Thomas is out in Toronto and Adam Lind is in. Does that mean we should pick Lind up?

--Kevin, Toronto


Adam Lind does have a decent bat that will make him draftable someday, but you shouldn’t add him just yet. Matt Stairs is the guy who will benefit most from Thomas’s departure. He’ll take over the everyday DH role, and he’s been hitting quite well so far this season. Take a gamble on him if you need to in deep leagues. I wouldn’t bother in, say, 12-team leagues.

 What’s up with Connor Jackson? He’s definitely showing some big-time ability out in the desert!

--Nick, Milwaukee, WI


Yes, he is. Jackson is a special bat that has the ability to get on base a lot, and if you can do that well, you can be a very good hitter. Throughout his minor league career, Jackson has been more known for his bat than his power, so we shouldn’t expect more than 25 this year. Along with that, we should expect only about 80 RBIs, rather than 100. Basically, he doesn’t have the power just yet, but his average will help out anyone’s team.

 Phil Hughes: Add him, drop him? Start him?

--Bruce, New York City, NY


If Hughes is available on your waiver wire, I would absolutely pick him up. There’s a reason the Yankees didn’t trade this guy in order to acquire Johan Santana. He’s that good. Right now he’s going through a little bit of a stumble, but he’ll pull through. I’d stash him on your bench right now and expect ace-caliber numbers toward June. Good things come to those who wait.


Cliff Lee is off to a hot start. He won 18 games not that long ago. Is he a viable quality pitcher in fantasy baseball?

--Sid, Brooklyn, NY


I’d definitely add him to my team, since he’s probably sitting on the waiver wire, but I wouldn’t be ready to build my staff around him. He doesn’t strike out a ton of guys, kills your WHIP, and that 18-win season was a little bit of a fluke. But you know what? He’s probably better than a lot of guys out there, and he may be better than some of the guys on people’s fantasy staffs.