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Ian Kennedy and Rich Hill were both banished to Class AAA after bad starts to the season. It stinks if you own them, but luckily they aren’t guys you’d place at the front of your rotation. Let’s delve into the mailbag with a look toward replacement pitchers.

What’s the latest on Yovani Gallardo’s knee injury?
--Marc, Toronto, Canada

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Gallardo has a torn ACL. He’s likely done for the year, which hurts fantasy owners who were looking to him for strikeouts. Wait for something official to come out of Milwaukee, however. Maybe he can pitch through it, like he did in his previous start. The results may not be great, but it may be better stats than what you may find on the waiver wire to replace him.

Is Ervin Santana pitching out of his mind or can he finish the season like this?
--Jim, New York City, NY

Manager Mike Scioscia said that Santana’s problem was that he opened his hips up too early last season. He worked on that in the off-season and, poof, we have a new Santana. Now, do we buy that his hips only flew open in road starts (8.38 ERA) and not at home (3.27 ERA)? I don’t. Don’t be caught holding the bag.

Who is Santiago Casilla and what is he going to do this year?
Shawn, Sacramento, CA

He used to be Jairo Casilla, relief pitching prospect extraordinaire. Now he’s Santiago Casilla, a very good relief pitcher. There was some adjustment time to the major leagues, but Casilla should be very handy in the A’s bullpen. He probably does not get save chances until both Huston Street and Joey Devine are out of town, but he may be able to help you in H2H leagues.

Keeper league trade question: Pujols/CC or Teixeira/Johan Santana?
--Brad, Los Angeles, CA

Let me have Teixeira and Santana. There are plenty of questions concerning Pujols’ elbow and Sabathia may have elbow concerns of his own coming up. He threw 256 innings last year, and that could catch up to him in a bad way sometime soon. Plus, Santana is just in a great situation in New York, while Teixeira should be starting for the New York Yankees in 2009.

CC Sabathia or Roy Halladay?
--Ryan, Maitland, FL

For both this season and for a keeper league, let me have Sabathia. Halladay’s strikeout rates have been declining, while Sabathia is coming into his own as a good pitcher. Now, I know I just got done bashing Sabathia in the last answer, but when comparing him to Santana, everyone looks bad. I’d be more willing to go with Sabathia than Halladay.

Who would you rather have for the remainder of the season: Nick Swisher or Jeremy Hermida?
--Freddie, Atlanta, GA

That’s a tough one since Hermida will have about 30 points on Swisher in terms of batting average and more steals, but Swisher has more power. I’ll take Swisher, however. He’s in the middle of a more potent lineup, considerable more power, and more of a track record. It’s pretty close, however.