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The Week:
Monday, April 30th - Sunday, May 6th

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Two Start Pitchers Worth Using:

  • STL) Braden Looper
  • DET) Jeremy Bonderman
  • ATL) Tim Hudson
  • CHC) Ted Lilly
  • TOR) Roy Halladay
  • ANA) John Lackey
  • SDP) Jake Peavy
  • ARI) Brandon Webb
  • SFG) Noah Lowry
  • TOR) A.J. Burnett
  • CLE) C.C. Sabathia
  • BOS) Curt Schilling
  • PHI) Cole Hamels
  • CIN) Bronson Arroyo
  • MIL) Ben Sheets
You Make the Call:
  • MIL) Jeff Suppan
  • BAL) Daniel Cabrera
  • PIT) Zach Duke
  • NYM) Orlando Hernandez
  • WAS) John Patterson
  • LAD) Randy Wolf
  • NYY) Philip Hughes
  • ANA) Bartolo Colon
  • KCR) Zach Greinke
  • CHW) Javier Vazquez
  • SEA) Jarrod Washburn
Don't Bother:
  • PHI) Jon Lieber
  • TEX) Vicente Padilla (Roy Halladay as your opponent twice in a row?  Ouch!)
  • FLA) Ricky Nolasco
  • KCR) Odalis Perez
  • COL) Josh Fogg
  • PIT) Tony Armas Jr.
  • MIN) Sidney Ponson
  • TBD) Edwin Jackson
  • NYM) Mike Pelfrey
  • TEX) Kameron Loe
  • HOU) Matt Albers
  • ARI) Livan Hernandez
  • SFG) Russ Ortiz

Eight games this week:

Seven games this week:

At the hitter's park this week:

  • Coors Field: NONE
  • Ameriquest Field: Yankees (5/1 - 5/3), Blue Jays (5/4 - 5/6)
  • US Cellular Field: NONE
  • Rogers Center: Rangers (4/30)
  • Minute Maid Park: Reds (5/1 - 5/3)
  • Fenway Park: Athletics (5/1 - 5/2), Mariners (5/3)
  • Tropicana Field: Twins (5/1 - 5/3), Athletics (5/4 - 5/6)

Ratchet them up!

Jose Lopez (2B, Mariners): While Lopez probably won't help you much in shallow and mixed leagues, if you're looking for a decent second baseman who is presently on a tear, Lopez is your man.  He's homered in 3 of his last eight games, has his batting average up over .300 for the first time since June of 2006, and his K rate is lower than it's ever been as a major leaguer (10% of his PA, which is well above average).

James Shields (SP, Devil Rays): Don't let his recent performances make you think he's the next big ace, because he's probably not, but if your league-mates aren't paying attention, he might be on the wire and you should definitely grab him if you haven't already.  He looks like a solid top 100 player with some upside and could be very valuable with his enormous K/BB.

Shawn Green (RF, Mets): Green entered this season as a player needing to prove himself to New York.  As a friend of mine put it, "He didn't do anything to deserve to play here, we just needed an emergency filler to replace Nady."  With their incredibly deep line-up the Mets have taken the pressure off of Green and he's responded by hitting well over .300 with good line drive power from the 7th spot in the order. As long as he stays healthy, expect Green to continue to produce.

Tim Lincecum (SP, Giants): He's not even in the big leagues yet, so why am I talking about him?  Because the Giants will only tolerate Ortiz' ineptitude for so long before they bring the super-talented college phenom up to take over the fifth rotation spot.  You can bet that in most leagues, he's  (a) available and (b) on everyone's radar screen.  Most owners are salivating already and just waiting to hear the news of his promotion.  Grab him now while you still can.

Ratchet them down!

Alex Gordon (3B, Royals): There was quite a fanfare when Gordon made the club out of spring training this year.  He was college player of the year and won the triple crown two seasons ago and tore his way through the low minors like Mo Vaughn through a Pizza.  I hope you didn't waste your middle round draft pick on Gordon, because with his terrible hitting and fielding play in April, he's looking at a demotion any day now, most likely.  Stay away from Gordon, he's not ready yet.

Mike Pelfrey (SP, Mets): The Mets don't have a lot of alternatives to the floundering youngster at the moment, but if his outright inability to throw strikes continues, he's going to wind up in AAA and the Mets are going to wind up forced to make a trade or convert a reliever to the rotation (Heilmann, for example, has SP experience).

Zach Duke (SP, Pirates): I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you folks who bought the hype on Duke, but he's a lost cause this year.  The dude doesn't have a sure-fire out pitch he can use to get people to miss bats, and he's not going to learn one pitching for a hopelessly weak set of coaches like the ones in Pittsburgh.  I know a lot of you drafted him pretty high (I took him in the 16th round in one league, for example), and expected results, but you need to be prepared to cut bait at this point.  Drop Duke and find someone else.

Mariano Rivera (CL, Yankees): This debate seems like it's held every year.  Is he done or just off to a slow start?  Most years I defend Rivera because he still has great stuff and an intelligent approach out there.  This year, the tide has turned.  Observers should note that Rivera is throwing only 91-92 these days with his best fastball instead of his usual 95.  He's lost a foot on that most important of pitches, and he has no other weapons.  Little pipsqueaks like Marco Scutaro are making good contact on him, not big guys like David Ortiz (HR off him to win a game last year at about this time).  He'll probably figure out a way to be at least decent this year, but don't treat him like an ace reliever anymore, those days are over.

Robinson Tejeda (SP, Rangers): Most owners steer clear of Ranger pitchers (with good reason) so Tejeda might still be out there for the taking.  If he is, and you're considering taking a look at him, DON'T.  Don't be fooled into thinking he's as good as his recent showings.  The Rangers have fallen into a bad habit of falling in love with pitchers who either throw hard or have a history of good command, but not going a step further and looking at those pitchers' GB/FB tendencies.  Their team defense (good infield, BAD outfield) and home park (flyball launching pad) necessitates that they focus on acquiring groundball specialists if they want to win.  Tejeda, like McCarthy, is a great example of what happens when you don't pay attention to that sort of thing.  I guarantee you, his gopheritis will continue, if not get worse, and he will disintegrate in short order.

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