Fantasy Articles
Injuries have decimated the Atlanta Braves, as Chipper Jones will miss a few games with a partially torn muscle and John Smoltz’s season and perhaps career is over. Let’s hope your rosters have stayed relatively injury free. (Mine hasn’t: Ryan Freel, David Ortiz, Gary Sheffield, and Jason Isringhausen are hurt, while Francisco Liriano is still in the minors.)

For whatever reason, I haven't dropped Justin Verlander from my fantasy team yet. Should I hang onto him and hope that he turns it around soon, or is he too much of a lost cause now?

Verlander is turning it around as we speak. His ERA, WHIP, and BAA have all dropped from April to May to June. His season WHIP is a decent 1.39, which suggests an ERA much lower than the 5.05 he’s sporting right now. The future is bright for Verlander because everything is trending in the right direction.

Now, there is one negative. Verlander may be hurt. He has had trouble putting away hitters, and he really isn’t striking out that many guys (only 52 in 82 innings). I would be on the lookout for some type of injury, maybe the shoulder area for Verlander. Despite that, just ride it out with Verlander.

Dontrelle Willis is moving into the Tigers rotation with Bonderman’s injury. Grab him?

Bonderman owners must be feeling pretty bad right now, as an injury knocked him out for the remainder of the season. It’s a shame, because he was having a decent year. His probable replacement, Willis, shouldn’t be owned, however. The Tigers staff saw so little in him that they didn’t replace Kenny Rogers, who is having an atrocious season, when Willis came off the disabled list. I think that Willis was overused during his Marlins years, and that is going to limit his effectiveness from here on out. In mixed leagues, I’d avoid Willis. In AL-Only leagues, I’d suggest him if you like playing with fire and gasoline cans.

Should I sell high on Milton Bradley?

If you’re concerned about Bradley injuring himself, then yes, I would sell high. He is quite the injury prone player, as he’s never hit more than 20 homers in a season. However, if you think he’s going to stay healthy, then you should keep in mind that Bradley will likely keep going strong this year. The heat in Arlington will keep those home runs flying and Bradley’s always been a quality player. It’s up to you how much faith you place in his health history. I’d keep him for the time being.

What’s the deal with Erik Bedard?

Bedard is an injury prone pitcher, like Bradley as a player. He has never thrown more than 200 innings at the major league level, and I never thought this would be the season he did it. I’ve also never been too high on Bedard’s one good year, as opposed to all of his other seasons of work. I would say try and sell him now, but his value is pretty low. Wait until he comes off the DL and see what you can get for him. Maybe somebody will offer up a decent pitcher.

When does Francisco Liriano come back?

In a recent article for Baseball America, it said Liriano could be coming back after his next few starts. That sounds about right. Liriano has been rounding into shape, and I think he’ll be ready by the end of this month. I also think it was a mistake to bring him back up when the Twins did so earlier in the season, but that’s in the past. Grab/trade for Liriano and get ready. It’s only a matter of time.