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Fantasy Baseball: Fantasy Mailbag Week 13

What do you think of Clayton Kershaw?

Kershaw is a highly regarded pitcher who is making his first impressions at the major league level. What comes along with that is inconsistency. Rookies have a lot of challenges to adjust to, and we can see that in Kershaw’s game log. In his six starts, he has only one decent set of back-to-back starts (June 4 and June 10).

Other than that, he has not performed that well. His longest outing (and only quality start) was a six-inning start. His strikeout to walk ratio is 1.4:1, which is a little weak. His WHIP is 1.55, which hints his ERA of 4.34 may be climbing upward soon.

However, Kershaw beyond this season will be a great pitcher. He is only 20 years old and seems ready to hold his own at the major league level.

I have been holding onto Chris Carpenter is hopes that he’d be ready soon. Should I just give up on him?

I picked up Carpenter earlier this year, hoping his rehab wouldn’t last that far into this season. Well, it did. And I suggest you doing the same thing I did: releasing him. Tommy John surgery isn’t something starters bounce back from easily, and the Cardinals may just use him in the bullpen this year to make sure he’s 100% next season. And, no, I doubt he’d save games while out there.

Carlos Marmol imploded against the Rays the other night. Is there something we should worry about?

In that game, Marmol walked two hitters and hit two others. Is that a sign of things to come? I don’t think so. Should we pay careful attention to Marmol? I think so. He’s on pace for 95 innings pitched over 85 appearances. That’s a crazy number for a relief pitcher, even if he is your best reliever. The Cubs should work on dialing back his inning count, because something bad could happen to him later in the year or next season. Now, I’m not saying avoid him at all costs, but you should be wary.

In a keeper league, should I trade Ryan Braun for Jay Bruce and Scott Kazmir?

That’s definitely an intriguing offer, especially since I don’t know the remainder of your team or the number of players you’re able to keep. If it’s very few, I’d suggest keeping Braun, because you wouldn’t keep Kazmir next year. If the number is quite a bit, then make the deal, because then you’d have the extra depth. Now, if this year only matters to you, stick with Braun over the other two.

Which middle infielder would you much rather have from here on out: Yunel Escobar or Robinson Cano?

This is a close competition. Escobar has clearly made a name for himself in the early going with the Braves, but Cano has proven himself at the major league level. If I had to choose one for the remainder of the season, I would go with Cano, just because he’s a better second half player. But this one is really close. You can’t go wrong with either selection.

Take your pick: Jay Bruce, Gary Sheffield, or Eric Byrnes.

This answer depends on your theory of players. Do you go with the proven veteran who is winding his career down or the guy with limited success but has done something at the major league level or the guy with the highest upside but is only a rookie? I’d usually go for the middle guy, but give me Bruce in this situation. First, he’s not injury-prone as the others are, and he has had a stretch where he absolutely lit up major league pitching. The talent is there, and I hope you stay with him.