Fantasy Articles

The Fantasy Mailbag took last week off, as I spent many an hour trying to figure out an argument for the National League winning the All Star Game. It was all for naught, but now it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

What should we expect from Jorge Posada? I went with him as my starting catcher and now he’s back on the DL. There’s nothing on the free agent market.

This is one of those situations where you’re just out of luck. Posada went on the disabled list earlier this season with shoulder issues and is now back there. He said that he is considering season-ending surgery, and that is probably the course of action he’ll take. Posada, 36, just signed a four-year deal, so there is no reason for the Yankees to risk serious injury by putting him back out there soon. Drop him and look elsewhere.

Should I pick up Brett Myers?

Myers allowed 115 runs and 44 walks in just 101.2 innings at the major league level. His strikeout numbers weren’t too bad at 88. So, what was wrong with Myers? He was just too hittable and walked too many hitters. The Phillies sent him down to the minor leagues to get everything straightened out. How has he progressed? He allowed 24 hits in 27 innings with a 4:1 strikeout to walk ratio. That’s a little too hittable for my tastes. I would avoid Myers completely in NL only leagues and would stash him on the bench in mixed leagues.

Is Erik Bedard a buy right now?

If you enjoy injury prone pitchers, feel free to gamble on Bedard. He is currently on the DL battling a sore left shoulder. The Mariners don’t know when he’ll be healthy enough to return, but they are projecting him to return in early August. He missed 19 days earlier this year due to left hip trouble and had his turn in the rotation skipped several times toward the beginning of the season due to a troublesome oblique. I would not buy Bedard, since his likely performance in the six or so starts he makes the remainder of the season isn’t going to be worth much.

Do I go with Edgar Renteria or Troy Tulowitzki for the balance of the season?

You definitely have to go with Tulowitzki. Renteria has had all season to hit, but he hasn’t. You just have to pull the plug on him and hope for good things from Tulowitzki. The Rockies’s shortstop came back early from his quadriceps injury, but had a stupid injury when he lacerated his hand by slamming down a bat that splintered. He’s going to hit; Renteria probably won’t.

What’s the timetable on David Ortiz?

Not soon enough for this Ortiz owner! Big Papi has been out with that torn tendon sheath, and you would figure that would slow his comeback -- hand injuries usually cause slow returns, because they are so vital to a hitter’s timing -- but Ortiz has homered three consecutive days for the Pawtucket. With a series against the Yankees coming up, look for Ortiz to return sometime this week, most likely this weekend.