Fantasy Articles
This week is one of the most important for those of you in fantasy leagues. First, fantasy owners in AL or NL only leagues need to be around your computer as a superstar may enter your free agent market. Second, your fantasy trade deadline may be soon approaching, so make sure you know your weaknesses and work to strengthen them.

Would you trade Rich Harden for Evan Longoria and Matt Garza if your third baseman is Melvin Mora?

That would be selling high on Harden, something I approve of because of his injury history. Guys who hit the disabled list six times this early in his career isn’t going to become magically healthy. Longoria is clearly the better third baseman down the stretch, and Garza is a pretty solid option on the mound. This is a good sell-high deal, though someone may pay more.

Are you worried about Utley?

Absolutely not. Critics may argue that his swing may be messed up since the Home Run Derby or that his hip is really bothering him. But I won’t. Utley, while he’s not really a 40 home run guy, but he will finish with 30-35, along with a .280-ish batting average. Keep him, and you may be able to buy (slightly) lower on him if you bring up his recent struggles.

With Roy Oswalt back, who should I drop: Gallagher, Wellemeyer, or Sonnanstine?

Andy Sonnanstine is the guy to drop from that group. Sean Gallagher has been pitching okay in Chicago and Todd Wellemeyer should provide quite a few strikeouts. Sonnanstine’s ERA is quite high, and his WHIP says it won’t fall any. Also, he doesn’t provide that many strikeouts.

Is Todd Jones done in Detroit?

Jones was removed from the closer’s role in Detroit, which means Fernando Rodney or Joel Zumaya or Aquilino Lopez will likely take over. It’s just a matter of time until Zumaya takes the role over for good. There is always a lot of talk about Jones, a cardiac closer if there ever was one, being done, but he somehow always returns. I don’t think Jones can work his magic once again.