Fantasy Articles
In my only fantasy baseball league, I recently dropped Carlos Lee. After all, he’s done for the year. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. It’s a keeper league. With a team not full of potential keepers, I dropped a great player. Here’s to hoping all of you don’t make stupid mistakes like I did then.

Which of the two Chrises do I cut loose: Carpenter or Young?

Young. He’s likely done for the season, considering that he’s suffering from a dreaded forearm injury. (It’s funny how those turn into elbow ligament issues.) The Padres aren’t really contending, so there is no use in throwing him out there any more.

The Cardinals aren’t close to contending either, but they have a much better chance than the Padres do. They will pitch Carpenter down the stretch, unless he has a serious triceps injury. I don’t think that’s the case. He’s only likely to miss one start.

I saw Carpenter pitch against the Dodgers recently, and he looked fantastic. His velocity is climbing back, his breaking pitches are there, and Carpenter is looking like the guy who can win a Cy Young.

Should I keep Ryan Ludwick?

It really depends on your keeper rules. How many guys can you keep each season? Is there a rule about his salary rising if you keep him again? If you are in a 12-team league with seven or so keepers per team, go ahead and hold onto him. Otherwise, drop him. You also probably didn’t pay too much for him, since his value during your draft wasn’t that high, and if you bought him in mid-season, bidding was probably tempered by expectations of his decline.

Now, the real question arises, Is Ludwick a fluke? Yes, a little. Nowhere in his minor league career has he shown the ability to slug this much or get on base this much. You would be better off expecting about 30 home runs next season, rather than the 38 you’re going to get this year. Also, his batting average should level off in the .290 range. All in all, he is a solid four-category contributor.

What’s the diagnosis on Adam Wainwright? Starter/reliever? Good or bad?

That’s a tricky question, because it really depends on Carpenter. If he’s healthy, then the Cardinals could move Wainwright back to the rotation. If Chris Perez dominates, and he should be able to, then Wainwright will be the No. 2 in the Cardinals’ rotation.

Wainwright rehabbed Saturday and had a pitch limit of 70. He lasted only 4-2/3 innings, but struck out seven and, most importantly, walked none. His control was a little bit of an issue earlier in his minor league rehab appearance, but it looks like the finger is okay.

I can’t fully answer your question because we don’t know what Carpenter is going to do. If I had to guess, I would project Wainwright as a good starting pitcher for the remainder of the season.

Troy Percival is hurt AGAIN. What should I expect?

Percival has been on the disabled list twice because of hamstring issues, but this time it appears as if he has cartilage damage in his right knee. The early estimate is that Percival will miss two to three weeks, but surgery hasn’t been ruled out yet. If that’s the case, Percival could miss a month. I’m leaning toward a shorter DL stint, but you have to be cautious considering all of the leg injuries Percival has suffered so far this season. Definitely carry the Rays’ “next in line” relief pitcher, which seems to be a crazy assortment of pitchers for the time being.