Regular Articles
First Home Run: Kazuo Matsui hit a home run on the first pitch he saw as a Major League baseball player. He was leading off, making him the first player to accomplish this feat.

Two Walk-Offs: For the first time in history, two walk-off home runs were hit on opening day. These were supplied by Carlos Beltran (of the Royals, against the White Sox) and Shannon Stewart (of the Twins, against the Indians).

Luis Gonzalez and Luis Gonzalez: Two players with the same name hit home runs in the same inning of the same game. This is the first to happen with the two players being opponents.

Rule V Blasts: Hector Luna and Luis Gonzalez both hit opening day home runs, firsts for Rule V picks.

Double Play on a Single: The Cincinnati Reds got lucky against the Cubs when they were able to turn an 8-2-5 DP. No runs scored on this play, which was started by a single.

Norfolk Expos: Bob Johnson, the owner of the NBA expansion franchise Charlotte Bobcats, bid for the Expos to bring them to Norfolk, Virginia.

Rick Reed Retires: After not making the Pirates opening day roster, starting pitcher Rick Reed has decided to retire from baseball. This comes following a 6-12 season with a 4.03 ERA. This spring Reed injured his back, which opened the door for Ryan Vogelsong, who ran away with the job. Reed broke into Major League baseball in 1988. Thank you for the times, Mr. Reed.

Where’s the Money Going: The average MLB salary has dropped 3 percent from 2.56 million to 2.49 million.

George Bamberger Dies: Bamberger was a former Major League pitcher who never won a game in the Major Leagues, but he became one of the greatest pitching coaches. One of his greatest beliefs was the four-man rotation.

Feds Seize Urine Samples: The Federal Government seized urine samples of Major League players from last season. The Player’s Union was assured of being anonymous following the testing, but perhaps not for long.

Moose Wins 200th: Mike “Moose” Mussina won his two-hundredth game of his career. He did so on his fifth try, third this season. Congratulations Mr. Mussina and continue the winning ways.

Petco Park Opens: Petco Park opened this weekend with the Giants visiting the Padres. Barry Bonds is still seeking his 660th home run and he has especially picked on Padres pitching.