Regular Articles
Manny an American: On Monday Manny Ramirez became an American citizen. On Wednesday he ran onto the field with an American flag and led his teammates to victory. “I’m very proud to be an American citizen,” Ramirez said. Congratulations, Mr. Ramirez.

Marlins Stadium Update: The Florida Marlins received good news about their possible new stadium on Tuesday. County commissioners gave approval for a preliminary $367 million financing plan. All that remains is for the county sell the Miami Arena and $30 million to be secured from the state. The team will pay $157 million, the Miami-Dade County $120 million, city of Miami $28 million, and there is expected revenue from parking of $32 million. Marlins president said that construction must begin late this year for the stadium to be ready for Opening Day 2007. Hopefully the state of Florida will realize what a crown jewel they have in the Florida Marlins and get this project going.

Baseball History Update: In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, historians released a 213-year old document saying that the playing of baseball was prohibited 80 yards from the town’s new meeting house. Historian John Thorn said, “it's clear that not only was baseball played here in 1791, but it was rampant. It was rampant enough to have an ordinance against it.” The creation of baseball is thought to have come about in 1839.

Losing the Caveman Look: Boston Red Sox CF Johnny Damon will be shaving his beard. The Gillette Company based in Boston will donate funds to local public libraries to help students learn how to read and to allow students to receive help on their homework because of it. Damon plans to retain the long hair, though.

New Testing: Major League baseball and the Player’s Union have both agreed to move its drug testing to a lab in Montreal called INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Research center. The new lab has been approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. This still does not change the fact that the drug-testing program is a joke.

Devil Ray Purchase: A group headed by New York investor Stuart Steinberg bought 48% of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Steinberg said that the team expects to continue its youth program and will look for a new stadium. His group bought the shares that belonged to Bill Griffin, Dan Doyle, Robert Basham, Mark Bostick and Chris Sullivan.

Prior Graduates: The ace of the Chicago Cubs received his bachelor’s degree from USC on Friday. He delivered a brief speech in which he said that he was proud to receive his degree and delivered encouragement to his fellow graduates. He hasn’t pitched this season, but was scheduled to throw 55 pitches in Mesa, Arizona.

Portland Baseball: The town of Portland revealed a $340 million finance plan toward getting the Montreal Expos a brand new ballpark. Team owners will meet sometime this week, and it is rumored that the Expos are one of the topics to be discussed. Washington DC revealed a similar plan for building a park for the nomadic Expos and seems like a better fit for them.

Vidro Extended: The Montreal Expos All Star 2B Jose Vidro agreed to a four year, $30 million extension on Friday. “I've told you guys I didn't see myself in another uniform," Vidro said. "By signing me, it's a sign we are going to have a home next year. We don't have a permanent home but I feel like in this team I'm in my home.” The next piece of business for the Expos is SS Orlando Cabrera, who most likely does not want to return to the Expos. The signing of Vidro, as well as staff ace Livan Hernandez, means that the Expos might be sold in the near future.

0-5 in Debut: Marc Turndorf, the man who won the bidding for the St. Paul Saints at-bats on eBay, went 0-5 in his two days of playing. He got a chance to be a pinch runner on Friday, and he went 0-1 at the plate. On Saturday Turndorf played left field and went 0-4. Proceeds from the auction are going to charity.