Regular Articles
Petrick Retires: Twenty-seven year old catcher Ben Petrick, formerly of the Colorado Rockies, retired. This was due to the former backstop having Parkinson’s Disease. “I was not enjoying playing as much as I used to,” Petrick said. “I began to wonder if it was worth the time and medication. I felt it is time to step back and reorganize my life. I still love the game, but I don't love playing it as much. I have other things I want to do.” Petrick was in the Mariners minor league system before deciding to retire. He will move on to coaching high school or college baseball. Good luck, Mr. Petrick, and it’s awful to lose you.

Robinson Returns: Even though he – nor anyone else – knows where the Expos will be next year, manager Frank Robinson said he would return to manage the Expos. “It's only May, but right now, if you asked me to sign a contract to manage this club, I'd sign a contract,” Robinson said. “Of course, you've got to be wanted.” Through many tough times, Frank has pushed his team to their best. Hopefully it won’t be for naught next year.

Reggie’s Number Retired: The Oakland A’s retired Mr. October’s number 9. He joins Catfish Hunter (#27) and Rollie Fingers (#34) as the only A’s jerseys retired, and joins only Fingers (Brewers) as the only player to have his jersey retired by two teams (the Yankees being the other). After the retiring, Jackson gave $175,000 to public schools. Congrats, Mr. October.

Doug Pappas Dies: Colleague Doug Pappas of died on Monday at the age of 42. He was chairman of Society for American Baseball Research’s Business of Baseball committee and did plenty of business work inside of baseball. On behalf of the @homeplate staff, our condolences go out to the Pappas family.

Fenway Park Redoing: Red Sox owner John Henry has said that he is ready to discuss plans to renovate Fenway Park, rather than destroying it. The owner said, “I love Fenway. I can't imagine us playing anywhere else. There's a magic that can't be replicated anywhere else.” And no truer words can be spoken. The Red Sox are looking to add more seats, and not just a temporary thing like the seats at top the Green Monster.

Galarraga Eager to Come Back: For the second time in his life, Andres Galarraga has beaten cancer. Now he wants to get back into the Majors. He had two three-week periods of chemotherapy and a 23-day stay in the hospital. The Big Cat said that the news is good and that he wants to get to four hundred home runs. Throughout his career, Andres has played for Montreal, St. Louis, Colorado, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Texas. I guess it’s time for him to go to the Independent League with Ricky Henderson.

Nomar Wants to Stay: Nomar Garciaparra’s agent Art Tellem says that the shortstop would like to return to the Boston Red Sox next season. “He wants to stay here and I personally would like to see him stay here,” Tellem said. “You can see the outpouring here. Everyone wants him to stay here and I know both sides would like him to stay and I believe in the end that's what will happen.” Hopefully Nomar will stay; he’s a very large part of that team.

Knock on Wood: A bone scan showed the Wood’s right arm is all right, but he is supposed to miss three more weeks. The tests showed tendinitis in the triceps, after trying to try and come back too early. The Cubs’ brass said that Wood would be held back until early June. He and ace Mark Prior should be returning around the same time.

Prior Return: On Tuesday Mark Prior pitched 4 1/3 innings for Class A Lansing Lugnuts. He allowed one run and two hits in a dominant return. Prior said that his “stuff” is getting back to where it should be. In an interested development, Ryan Dempster made another rehab start the day after Prior did.

Norfolk Requests: The group that is trying to bring the Expos to Norfolk asked for a show of support by asking fans to by season tickets. The group also launched commercial ads to bring the team to Washington DC to stir up fan support.

Stretchman Hired: Harvey Shields, the person who was responsible for stretching out Barry Bonds, has been hired by the San Francisco Giants to be part of their medical staff. He had been out of the clubhouse ever since the BALCO scandal, but he says he has still been working with Bonds.

The DL Welcomes: 1B Richie Sexson (D’Backs, aggravated left shoulder, 15 day DL, 5.23), CF Tom Goodwin (Cubs, right groin, 15 day DL, 5.24), RP Grant Roberts (Mets, right shoulder surgery, 60 day DL, 5.25), C Humbarto Cota (Pirates, strained left oblique, 15 day DL, 5.28), LF Ryan Klesko (Padres, strained right oblique, 15 day DL, 5.27), 3B Damian Rolls (D’Rays, chest contusion, 15 day DL, 5.25), RF Kevin Mench (Rangers, strained left oblique, 15 day DL, 5.24), RF Brian Jordan (Rangers, sore left knee, 15 day DL, 5.24), C Kevin Cash (Blue Jays, right intercoastal muscle strain [wherever that is], 15 day DL, 5.24), 2B Orlando Hudson (Blue Jays, strained left hamstring, 15 day DL, 5.24).