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I have lived in Arizona going on 7 years and in this amount of time, I have seen the hometown Diamondbacks go from worst to first. I have seen them have their ups and their downs, their highs and their lows, their strengths and their weaknesses. Having seen all that, having experienced baseball's euphoria at its finest in the means of playoff victories and winning the whole enchilada, the coveted World Series, I find it very demeaning what 2007 has brought in the ways and means of this team. Let me take you back a season ago to 2006. This was the year that pitcher Miguel Batista returned to the team, joining former World Series mates Luis Gonzalez and Craig Counsell once again. They were the last remaining members of the 2001 Diamondbacks squad that won it all. It was a bittersweet reunion of sorts though, as each of the three learned later on down the stretch of the season that they would not be donning an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform come Opening Day 2007. The front office personnel and management has tricks up their sleeves slowly emerging since the ousting of Managing General Partner Jerry Colangelo. First of all, the three aforementioned players not returning. Second, changing the team uniforms and logos completely, thus ending the tradition of the purple, teal, and copper that formerly graced the unique uniforms the team donned each game every year. Third, presenting the team and its fans with the emergence of the new colors and alterations, resulting in Sedona Red, Sand, and Black. The front of the jerseys feature the word 'Dbacks' inscripted in what resembles heavy metal-like fonts/letters. The names of the players on the backs are in normal font. The popular D Snake design was altered just a little and the Arizona A stayed the same design, only with the colors Sedona Red and Black gracing it. I have heard two different sides when it comes to fan reaction of the new colors and altered D Snake design; One story had it that Diamondbacks players and also the season ticket holders were the first to see the uniform changes and logo alterations before the public was. Mixed reactions from the season ticket holders were one thing. The majority of players were said to like these changes. Other reactions I have heard range from very good to downright negative. My personal opinion? I do not like the changes the team has made. First of all, the colors are too reminiscent of the Houston Astros, and the jersey type and style looks more like something the Washington Nationals would wear. Also, the fact that the new regime has ousted everything that represented the Diamondbacks' tradition since their inception. That's right, it is now gone. They did away with everything that was Jerry Colangelo's idea or that represented him in any way. I think that is terrible, just terrible! If it weren't for Jerry, this state would not even HAVE a team! Have a look at the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks for yourselves. You make your own opinion. In the meantime, I encourage you to go out and watch some baseball. It's that time of year again, fans...time to enjoy it!