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I’ve decided to change my approach to these write-ups, as I will watch the game and write as it goes along. (It’s definitely better than studying for my exams tomorrow.) I hope you enjoy this change of pace.

1:46 PM – Braves score 2 in the top of the second against Roger Clemens. Score is now 2-0.

1:49 PM – Astros score one against Russ Ortiz. Score is now 2-1.

1:55 PM – Craig Biggio, getting a second chance off Braves pitcher Russ Ortiz, just slammed a three run homer in the left field stands. Score is now 4-2.

1:58 PM – Carlos Beltran doubles to left and Jeff Bagwell singles him in. Score is now 5-2.

2:02 PM – Russ Ortiz finally strikes out Lance Berkman to end the second inning. I’m wondering if John Smoltz will come into the game as a long man.

2:14 PM – Marcus Giles strikes out with two runners on and zero outs. I was wondering if Giles should bunt down the third baseline to advance the runners. Or the possibility of a double steal at least. Both are quite fast.

2:15 PM – Chipper Jones grounds into a double play to end the top of the third. I’m beginning to think that the Braves really don’t have the ability to score runs.

2:28 PM – Broadcaster Joe Morgan is wondering out loud about the placement of the Braves hitters, as Marcus Giles and JD Drew (usually second and third) in the lineup. I was pondering this change, but having JD in the second spot (like Beltran), Chipper Jones in the third slot, Andruw Jones cleaning up, and then Giles in Andruw’s 7th spot or perhaps the six hole.

2:39 PM – Bobby Cox is pinch-hitting for Russ Ortiz in the top of the fourth with runners on second and third and two out. I don’t know if this is a very good move, as the Braves bullpen is quite thin. Maybe John Smoltz can come out for four innings or so.

2:42 PM – Pinch hitter DeWayne Wise flied out to center with runners on second and third. The Braves just can’t score runs at all. Let’s see what the revolving bullpen door brings to us. Might Game 1 starter Jaret Wright see some time?

3:15 PM – Astros manager Phil Garner removed starter Roger Clemens after five innings and replaced him with Chad Qualls in the top of the sixth. And Adam LaRoche launched a three run homer into the right field stands with three runners on. Score is now 5-5.

3:42 PM – I really love the postseason, as we get a chance to see many things different from the norm. Mike Hampton came in and pitched a scoreless seventh inning. Perhaps we’ll see him for another inning, as the earliest he’ll start again is Wednesday.

3:53 PM – Manager Phil Garner is going to bring in his closer Brad Lidge with one out in the top of the eighth to face Andruw Jones. Let’s see how this turns out.

4:01 PM – Manager Bobby Cox turns this game into a battle of the closers by bringing his relief ace out in the bottom of the eighth. This has shades of Game 2.

4:19 PM - Former Atlanta Brave Russ Springer hit SS Rafael Furcal and the speedster steals second.

4:21 PM –Right fielder JD Drew singles to right center to score Furcal. Score is now 6-5, in favor of Atlanta.

4:22 PM – Drew steals second base, Atlanta’s fourth SB of the day; Giles at the plate.

4:23 PM – Giles strikes out to end the inning.

4:26 PM – Smoltz vs. Beltran, Bagwell, Kent in bottom of ninth.

4:27 PM – Smoltz strikes out Beltran, one out in bottom of ninth.

4:28 PM – Bagwell singles to right field; pinch-runner on first, one out, Berkman batting.

4:32 PM – Berkman singles to left field; runners on the corners, one out, Kent batting.

4:33 PM – Furcal fields Kent’s grounder, steps on second, throws to first. Game over! We’re going back to Atlanta.

Game 5 preview: The Braves will send Jaret Wright (Game 1 loser) to the mound against Roy Oswalt (Game 2 loser). The game will be in Atlanta tomorrow and will be a literal must win for both teams.