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It may not be the most popular sport in the US (American football is), but baseball still holds the status of the country’s National Game, and has a massive fan base. This makes in unsurprising that there are quite a few online casino slots games about baseball, but the one that seems to have the biggest following amongst fans of the game is Hot Shot – a video slot with five reels and nine pay lines. You can play online casino slots at and decide for yourself.

This game has won over both baseball and casino fans since it was launched, so what does it get right?

One of the reasons that Hot Shot has proven such a hit with baseball fans is probably the way it succeeds in blending the baseball parts of the game with the slot machine aspects. An example of this would be the way it utilises audio effects, with each winning reel being accompanied by the sound of a baseball bat giving a ball an almighty whack. While those wins that feature three or more of the scatter symbols (the gold cups) see the crowd murmurs that play throughout the game, rise to a roar of approval. These sound effects really add an extra dimension to the game for fans of baseball, letting them feel like star players for a moment.

The visuals also integrate baseball with slot machines, replacing the standard fruit symbols with the likes of: baseball bats, catchers’ gloves, hitters, pitchers and snacks, while the background features a baseball green. The gold trophy symbols are the scatters, and can potentially trigger a payout, while the burning baseball wild symbols fill in for other missing ones to give you a better chance at winning some money. However there are parts of the game which are slot machine all the way, including the $2000 cash jackpot, the 1000 coin one and the super-cheap betting (just $0.25 per pay line). Indeed the only real downside to Hot Shot is the absence of a bonus game, but with all these other bonuses on offer, you don’t really miss it.