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At the time of writing, all of these players were virtually homeless, i.e. no team seemed eager to sign them, but they could be incredible values for essentially league minimum payment.

OF Tony Campana -- He could step in and be a corner outfielder, hit .250-plus with 50 stolen bases.  His defense hasn't been great, but with all the hype Billy Hamilton is getting, Campana has been majorly slept on.  Could be had for a bag of peanuts.  He even walks at a decent clip.

OF Craig Gentry -- I guarantee Texas will try to sign a few big-name outfielders this offseason, leaving Gentry to wallow on the bench.  Give this speedy man a home!  With full-time work he could be even better than Campana.  Even can hit a few home runs.

OF Chris Young -- I'm still a believer in his power/speed combo.  I just think he needs a good hitting coach.  Let him work with Kevin Long of the Yankees, and he could be the next Curtis Granderson.  In Oakland his infield/flyball tendency was a big downer. They have a lot of foul ground.  Perhaps bring him to Boston with very little foul territory and maybe we have something.


Dee Gordon should be of interest to some teams.
Photo by SD Dirk, used under creative commons license.

2B/SS Dee Gordon -- Another speedy guy, who projects like Campana, but with more power and plays shortstop with improving defense.  Improved plate discipline in 2013.  Dodgers have signed the Cuban Alex Guerrerro for their shortstop role, leaving Dee in a utility job or Class AAA.  Can be had for cheap.

SS Alexi Casilla -- He played well in limited ABs in 2012.  Stock should be at an all-time low.  He offers nice speed out of shortstop.  I'd probably rather have him than a guy like Zach Cozart or an overpaid Steven Drew.

3B/SS Pedro Ciriaco -- Give this guy a full season of ABs.  His defense may be poor, but he'll give you .250/10/40 from shortstop.  I'd take it all day.

C Yenier Bello/Ryan Hanigan -- He is out there and could come cheap.  Ryan Hanigan could be acquired dirt cheap as the Reds just signed Brayan Pena, and Hanny provides solid defense with a high-walk approach at the plate.

There's many interesting AAAA-type of bats hanging out in farm systems with little or no chance to play but a decent bat.  In a platoon situation you can get great value from many of these guys. Look at what the A's are doing!  Mauro Gomez was a name I liked but he just got signed away by a Japanese club.  Speaking of Japan, will any team take a chance on their home run champion Wlad Balentin?

That's a real nice, speedy team right there.  I'd be excited to sign those guys if I had a league-worst budget to work with.

And here are some bargain pitchers.

SP John Lackey -- Rumors are swirling Boston is trying to trade him.  He's 35 so surely they won't be asking for much.  By xFIP he was one of the best starters in the league last year, and certainly Boston's ace.  He showed great velocity and control coming back from TJ surgery.  They would be incredibly stupid to trade him, but whoever gets him likely won't regret it.

RP Peter Moylan -- If healthy, he could be a huge bargain for some team, a la Koji Uehara for the Red Sox in 2013.  He was a stud as recently as 2011 with the Braves.  Not getting any love from teams as far as I've heard.  Astros should scoop him up for pennies.

SP Tim Hudson -- His numbers weren't great last year and he's coming off a major injury, so that should drive his price down.  I think he will be a solid value as either a starter or reliever due to his ability to get groundball outs.

SP/RP Brett Myers -- Only 33, he still could provide a valuable veteran presence to the back end of a bullpen.  No one wants to touch him due to his injury history.

RP Roberto Hernandez -- With a new approach to pitching this season, his xFIP looked great this season for once.  His ERA was nasty so he will get a bare minimum contract and would look great in the NL.

SP/RP Raicel Iglesias -- He put up great numbers in the Cuban league but is flying under the radar despite recently defecting.  I'd love to see what he could do on a low-money contract.

SP/RP Tomo Okha – He is attempting a comeback with a knuckleball!  OK this was mainly a joke, but honestly I might give him a minor league contract to see if maybe, just maybe, he could become a useful piece.

By Nate Tarpey @natefantasyguy