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Robinson Cano will be a Mariner for the next 10 years, according to several reports. The Mariners are paying for consistency: Cano has averaged 160 games played, 28 home runs, .324 BABIP, .314 AVG, .384 wOBA since 2009.

These numbers are incredible.  But can he keep it up in Seattle?

Last year was a pretty typically stellar year for Cano, who sprays the ball around the field.


cano slide
Could Cano turn the Mariners' fortunes around?

Cano's also had solid career numbers at Safeco Field, despite its reputation as a pitcher's park.  Let's look at the park dimensions of Yankee Stadium and Safeco, which brought its walls in a little last year. Cano likes to pull the ball to right for home runs, but the difference to the wall is not as much as I had imagined.


Overall, for at least the next few years, I think the Mariners will enjoy their new toy.  Cano's skill set ought to age well as he doesn't rely too much on speed.  He will slot in nicely as the No. 3 hitter and could serve as a mentor to some of Seattle's many young promising hitters.  Seattle's greatest strength right now is its pitching talent, but perhaps they feel like adding a superstar hitter will be just the thing to put them over the edge. 

What's interesting, as a side note, is the fact that the Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik, the infamous Jack Z, was rumored to be on his last legs in terms of employment if he couldn't put together a winning team soon. 

With this signing, coupled with rumors that they may trade Tijuan Walker for David Price and sign a Proven Closer™ to supplant the electric Danny Farquhar, the moons have nearly aligned and the Mariners are all in.  Jack Z is not worried right now about Cano at 40 and beyond if they can put together a World Series run soon and bring the organization back to respectability.