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Let's take a look at which rookies hit the longest fly balls in 2013.  I included some non-rookies who you might consider second-year players or who came off a lost season in 2012*, but it's always fun to look at data (from

Evan Gattis flashes some big power
Photo by Russell Kershaw, used under creative commons license.
-Ramos is an interesting player, though his home run to fly ball rate was very elevated, so this power could have been a tad lucky and small sample sizes leading us astray.  He's also been very injury prone so far in his career.

-I'd love to see power explosions from Arcia, Gattis, Segura, Puig, Marte and Ruf next year.  You probably won't go wrong drafting a handful of these guys next year.

-Besides Tulo the stud, the rest of this list are mainly part-time players, and thus have a small sample size.

*including Troy Tulowitzki