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A hot start to the season has put the Milwaukee Brewers at the top of the National League Central division, and they still have a 5.5 game lead heading into the middle of June. It’s been a long time since the Brew Crew has been a winning crew, and fans are genuinely excited. The return of Chorizo, one of the runners in the team’s famous sausage race, did not even generate this much excitement. Over 5500 fans have pledged their love for the Brewers by promising to pee their pants when the team makes the playoffs. Here is an interview I conducted with their site.

Daniel Paulling: Could you tell me a little about your cause? How did it start? Who were the people who pushed you to create the site, etc.?

Pee Your Pants for the Brewers: The cause is a very simple one: support and love for the Brewers. It's an avenue for people to express and show all this pent-up energy they have had for the Brewers over this tough 24-year stretch. The idea came from my brothers. About two years ago, my older brother (24 at the time) was talking to the youngest (12). They were talking shop about the Brewers and my older bro goes, "wow. When I was your age, I had never been to the playoffs, we still haven't been to the playoffs. I have no idea what I'd do if the Brewers made it, I'd pee my pants. No, I WILL pee my pants." And that was really the first pledge right there.
When that idea popped up, we all kind of joked around that it would make a great website. Getting people to pledge along with us and show their support for the Brewers. We were thinking about launching it last year, but it was a little too late and they nose-dived last season- so we ended up holding off.

DP: Perhaps the question most everyone is thinking right now: Why?

PYPFTB: A better question: Why not? My pants are there and so are the Brewers so I just put one and one together and voila/ta da!

DP: How many people have you been getting each day?

PYPFTB: After the first burst of the two weeks where there were around 3000 or so. It's been a steady diet of 50 a day I think. With this downturn, it's slowing down a little bit, but definitely the PYPFTB community is still growing. I know it'll pick up as the Brewers do.

DP: Do you think your site may be jinxing their chances?

PYPFTB: No way. We're helping the Brewers. The players and managers know about it- they know how excited fans are and how everyone is rooting for them. Anything to get the spotlight on the Brewers is a good thing.

DP: What kind of publications have you been featured in?

PYPFTB: Check out the press page. But we've been in the (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel, Miami Herald, Boston Glove, just recently in Sporting News. On radio, I've done a lot of interviews- Chicago, Boston, La Crosse, Minneapolis. They also talked about the site on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and Howard Stern- very cool

DP: Are you going to have some sort of get-together at Miller Park, say, tailgating before a game so every one can follow through on their promise, or is it an honor system?

PYPFTB: It's definitely an honor system. Obviously this isn't a binding contract and there won't be anyone enforcing this. Check out the methods page if you're nervous about how to actually go about it. There probably will be some pants-peeing parties when it gets close to clinching time. The PYPFTB team is still working on some options- but we may franchise it out to different cities and areas. Should be a lot of fun.