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Two Start Pitchers

Boof Bonser (MIN) 07.02 at NYY (R. Clemens) 07.07 at CWS (M. Buehrle)
Roger Clemens (NYY) 07.02 vs. MIN (B. Bonser) 07.07 vs. LAA (J. Lackey)
Andy Sonnanstine (TB) 07.02 at CLE (F. Carmona) 07.07 at KC (J. Thomson)
Fausto Carmona (CLE) 07.02 vs. TB (A. Sonnanstine) 07.07 at TOR (S. Marcum)
Brandon McCarthy (TEX) 07.02 at BOS (K. Gabbard) 07.07 vs. BAL (E. Bedard)
Kason Gabbard (BOS) 07.02 vs. TEX (B. McCarthy) 07.07 at DET (J. Bonderman)

Jeff Suppan (MLW) 07.02 at PIT (J. Van Benschoten) 07.07 at WAS (J. Simontacchi)
John Van Benschoten (PIT) 07.02 vs. MLW (J. Suppan) 07.07 vs. CHC (T. Lilly)
Ted Lilly (CHC) 07.02 at WAS (J. Simontacchi) 07.07 at PIT (J. Van Benschoten)
Jason Simontacchi (WAS) 07.02 vs. CHC (T. Lilly) 07.07 vs. MLW (J. Suppan)
Jamie Moyer (PHI) 07.02 at HOU (W. Williams) 07.08 at COL (J. Hirsh)
Woody Williams (HOU) 07.02 vs. PHI (J. Moyer) 07.07 vs. NYM (O. Perez)

Brandon Webb (ARZ) 07.02 at STL (A. Reyes) 07.07 at CIN (H. Bailey)
Anthony Reyes (STL) 07.02 vs. ARZ (B. Webb) 07.07 vs. SF (T. Lincecum)
Felix Hernandez (SEA) 07.02 at KC (G. Meche) 07.07 at OAK (L. DiNardo)
Gil Meche (KC) 07.02 vs. SEA (F. Hernandez) 07.08 vs. TB (S. Kazmir)
Erik Bedard (BAL) 07.02 at CWS (M. Buehrle) 07.07 at TEX (B. McCarthy)
Mark Buehrle (CWS) 07.02 vs. BAL (E. Bedard) 07.07 vs. MIN (B. Bonser)
Tom Glavine (NYM) 07.02 at COL (J. Hirsh) 07.08 at HOU (R. Oswalt)

Jason Hirsh (COL) 07.02 vs. NYM (T. Glavine) 07.08 vs. PHI (J. Moyer)
Sergio Mitre (FLA) 07.02 at SD (D. Wells) 07.07 at LAD (D. Lowe)
David Wells (SD) 07.02 vs. FLA (S. Mitre) 07.07 vs. ATL (J. Smoltz)

Josh Towers (TOR) 07.02 at OAK (L. DiNardo) 07.08 vs. CLE (P. Byrd)
Lenny DiNardo (OAK) 07.02 vs. TOR (J. Towers) 07.07 vs. SEA (F. Hernandez)

John Smoltz (ATL) 07.02 at LAD (D. Lowe) 07.07 at SD (D. Wells)
Derek Lowe (LAD) 07.02 vs. ATL (J. Smoltz) 07.07 vs. FLA (S. Mitre)
Paul Byrd (CLE) 07.03 at DET (N. Robertson) 07.08 at TOR (J. Towers)

Nate Robertson (DET) 07.03 vs. CLE (P. Byrd) 07.08 vs. BOS (D. Matsuzaka)
Scott Kazmir (TB) 07.03 at BOS (D. Matsuzaka) 07.08 at KC (G. Meche)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS) 07.03 vs. TB (S. Kazmir) 07.08 at DET (N. Robertson)
Chris Capuano (MLW) 07.03 at PIT (Z. Duke) 07.08 at WAS (M. Bowie)

Zach Duke (PIT) 07.03 vs. MLW (C. Capuano) 07.08 vs. CHC (C. Zambrano)
Carlos Silva (MIN) 07.03 at NYY (C. Wang) 07.08 at CWS (J. Vazquez)
Chien-Ming Wang (NYY) 07.03 vs. MIN (C. Silva) 07.08 vs. LAA (E. Santana)
Carlos Zambrano (CHC) 07.03 at WAS (M. Bowie) 07.08 at PIT (Z. Duke)

Micah Bowie (WAS) 07.03 vs. CHC (C. Zambrano) 07.08 vs. MLW (C. Capuano)
Barry Zito (SF) 07.03 at CIN (A. Harang) 07.08 at STL (B. Looper)
Aaron Harang (CIN) 07.03 vs. SF (B. Zito) 07.08 vs. ARZ (R. Johnson)
Roy Oswalt (HOU) 07.03 vs. PHI (A. Eaton) 07.08 vs. NYM (T. Glavine)

Ryan Feierabend (SEA) 07.03 at KC (J. De La Rosa) 07.08 at OAK (J. Blanton)
Randy Johnson (ARZ) 07.03 at STL (B. Looper) 07.08 at CIN (A. Harang)
Braden Looper (STL) 07.03 vs. ARZ (R. Johnson) 07.08 vs. SF (B. Zito)
Daniel Cabrera (BAL) 07.03 at CWS (J. Vazquez) 07.08 at TEX (K. Millwood)
Javier Vazquez (CWS) 07.03 vs. BAL (D. Cabrera) 07.08 vs. MIN (C. Silva)

Ervin Santana (LAA) 07.03 at TEX (K. Millwood) 07.08 at NYY (C. Wang)
Kevin Millwood (TEX) 07.03 vs. LAA (E. Santana) 07.08 vs. BAL (D. Cabrera)
Joe Blanton (OAK) 07.03 vs. TOR (A. Burnett) 07.08 vs. SEA (R. Feierabend)
Scott Olsen (FLA) 07.03 at SD (G. Maddux) 07.08 at LAD (R. Wolf)
Greg Maddux (SD) 07.03 vs. FLA (S. Olsen) 07.08 vs. ATL (K. Davies)
Kyle Davies (ATL) 07.03 at LAD (R. Wolf) 07.08 at SD (G. Maddux)
Randy Wolf (LAD) 07.03 vs. ATL (K. Davies) 07.08 vs. FLA (S. Olsen)

(Bold denotes should start, italics denotes your choice, nothing denotes bench)

Eight Games: Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox

Seven Games: Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Florida Marlins, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Oakland A’s, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals

Six Games: Everyone else

At Pitchers’ Parks (the bottom five in Park Factors, according to
Turner Field - NONE
PETCO Park – FLA (June 2-5), Atlanta (June 6-8)
Minute Maid Park – PHI (June 2-4), NYM (5-8)
Tropicana Field - NONE
Busch Stadium – ARI (June 2-5), SF (June 6-8)

At Hitters’ Parks (the top five in Park Factors, according to
Fenway Park – TEX (June 2), TB (June 3-5)
Kauffman Stadium – SEA (June 2-4), TB (June 6-8)
Great American Ballpark – SF (June 3-5), ARI (6-8)
Yankee Stadium – MIN (June 2-5), LA (June 6-8)
Jacobs Field – TB (June 2)

Ratchet ’Em Up
SS Jason Bartlett – The Minnesota Twins shortstop put together a hot week, scoring eight times and stealing six bases. For those of you looking for a guy who can swipe some bags, this may be your guy for the time being.

1B James Loney – Nomar Garciaparra is moving to third, which means future star Loney is taking over at first. Don’t expect huge power numbers from him, but it would be fair to think he’s a Sean Casey kind of guy: .300 batting average, 20 homers, 80 RBIs over a full season. Not great, but definitely valuable in NL Only leagues

OF Carlos Beltran – He hit two home runs on Friday in a double-header sweep over the Phillies, which may be a sign that he’s getting over that bruised knee injury. It may take a while for those steals to come back, but I’d definitely try to buy low right now.

1B Richie Sexson – The first baseman made this list earlier, but he did not take off like I had hoped. Maybe this is this time. Sexson is notorious for being a slow starter, and he definitely has the power to get to 35 homers this season. That means he is going to start hitting.

3B Alex Gordon – It took about three months, but Gordon finally decided to start living up to that hype. He hit over .300 last week and is showing some wheels. This kid can do it all. Gordon may also have first base eligibility in your league, so keep an eye out for that.

SP Javier Vazquez – Vazquez put together a solid last seven days (14 innings, two earned runs), and he’s scheduled for two starts against the weak Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins. This is his time to strike out some hitters.

SP Daisuke Matsuzaka – The Japanese sensation started slowly, putting his ERA near 5.00, but he has lowered it with excellent outings the last two times to the mound. He may be getting the hang of pitching on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

SP Mike Mussina – It may be too early to speak, but Mussina may be rounding himself in form. Over the last seven days, he threw 12 innings for a 2.25 ERA. That is respectable. Mussina is scheduled to face the Twins, which may help his cause.

SP Kenny Rogers – The Gambler has come back with a vengeance, shutting out the Braves in his debut and dominating the Rangers in his second start. He must be doing a real good job hiding that pine tar.

RP Joe Borowski – Many fantasy owners are wary of Borowski because of his high ERA, but he is doing all right in save situations. Over the last seven days, the Indians closer secured two wins and earned another one. It may be a good time to deal for him.


Ratchet ’Em Down

OF Grady Sizemore – Players prone to striking out, like Sizemore, are prone to big slumps. He is going through one now, and might need to be benched in leagues this week.

OF Manny Ramirez – I’m about ready to give up on this guy. He hit .202 in April, but then well over .300 in May. His batting average in June is very good, but the power is not there. It’s getting late in the season, and it is time to begin wondering about him.

SS Miguel Tejada – A broken wrist caused the end of Tejada’s consecutive games played streak of 1,152, the fifth longest in major league history. It would have been interesting to see if he could have lasted as long at Ripken (most likely not), but it will be until June 7 at the earliest that we see him again.

SP Felix Hernandez – Over his last six starts, Hernandez’s ERA has gone from 2.87 to 4.33. Maybe his elbow just is not fully recovered from the trouble he had earlier in the year.

RP Francisco Cordero – Coco started the year extremely hot, pitching well above his head. Well, he has regressed to the mean lately to the tune of a 10.13 ERA and 1.50 WHIP. No one thought his success would last the entire season, did they?

RP Brian Fuentes – The Colorado Rockies closer has been on some kind of bad streak. He has blown four consecutive saves. It might be time to bench him until he gets everything back on track.