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The Reds made a deadline deal! Here’s how it went tonight with a Reds fan I know, who was not aware of the trade.

Random Fan:
Did they trade Griffey?
Adam: Oh, no.
Random Fan: They shipped Dunner out of town didn’t they?
Adam: Uh…no…
Random Fan: Then who did they trade man?
Adam: Kyle Lohse.
Random Fan: Oh.
Adam: Yeah.

That’s kind of what the trade was. Boring, uneventful. But I’ll dig into it anyway.

The Phillies Haul

They got an inconsistent right handed pitcher for a young lefty who might develop into a fourth starter, but reeks to the high heavens like a reliever. (Soft tosser…maxes out at 88 MPH…).

Is Lohse really that good? No, he isn’t. That’s the answer your looking for. Lohse can give you a decent LAIM innings, but his new home park will be as helpful to him as his one was, which, by all accounts, was nil. So the Phillies essentially got a middle of the road starter, I guess, for a middle of the road prospect.

The Reds Haul

Why even bother? Lohse is still fairly inexpensive, and at least he’s somewhat dependable. Mat Maloney (the prospect) definitely doesn’t sound like a stud, and he’s already showing a weakness for coughing up the home runs (13 home runs in 120 or so innings.)

So basically, Rivsy dealt a 3 or 4 starter for a C+ prospect. Fantastic.