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The Mets needed a second baseman. So…they acquire Luis Castillo?

The Mets Haul

Ugh. Castillo is getting old, and his only dying virtue was his speed, and evidently that’s slipping away (as told by his low stolen base count and diminished range at second.) I guess Castillo is an okay fill in for Valentin, and although they gave up basically zip to the Twins, Ruben Gotay would’ve worked fine.

The Twins Haul

A defensive only catcher, and a potentially decent outfielder. Drew Butera has zero future with Joe Mauer ahead of him, but Dustin Martin might make out okay with the Twins. If Gardy will give PAs to Jason Tyner, why not a 5th outfielder? With Beltran, Milledge, Gomez and eventually Fernando Martinez ahead of him in Flushing, Martin should be pleased about this.