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You’re going to see a lot of columnists come out today and spew venom at Barry Bonds. You’re going to read about how he tainted the most precious of jewels; The Home Run Record. You’ll see headlines congratulating Bonds, and then captions asking if cheated. I’ll tell you right now, that no matter what, to me, the greatest baseball player ever, is and will be for a long time, Barry Lamar Bonds. Not Babe Ruth, or Willie Mays, or Henry Aaron, or Alex Rodriguez or anyone else. Bonds.

Even if he only hit 700 home runs, he’s still the best player ever. Why? Because the things the batter directly controls (getting on base, walks, home runs) there is simply no one as good. People also tend to forget about Defense when discussing this topic. Ruth was indifferent to defense, but Bonds was fantastic. Aaron was good for a while, and Mays needs no introduction on the subject of defense. Yes, some people might be superior to Bonds in those individual skills (Josh Gibson and Sadaharu Oh on the Home Run front), but as for the total package, no one touches Bonds.

However, I didn’t open up Microsoft Word to write about Bonds, and how great he is. Anyone with half a brain knows he’s the best player ever. I’m writing this to discuss Bud Selig.

The Media has crowned Bonds the Crown Prince of The Underworld, but quite frankly, the biggest fraud of 2007 wasn’t Bonds…its Selig. Selig, the Commissioner of the MLB. The man who created the Wild Card. The man who installed the DH. The man who made damn sure that people who took steroids were taken down.

Now, of course, it’s simply ridiculous to think that the Owners wanted those first two accomplishments (Wild Card meant three rounds in the postseason, which meant more games, which meant more revenue from TV, attendance, merchandise, advertising, and the DH helped bring about more run scoring, which means higher scoring games, which help bring the in the casual fan. “Chicks Dig The Long Ball”.) It’s also just unthinkable that Selig waited until the MLB climbed out of its own grave (1994 Strike) to make a public effort to halt steroids. That’s just out of this world crazy, isn’t it?

Selig has said that this will be his final year, but I don’t bet on it. (I mean, who’d want the fun to stop?) Selig is the perfect foil for the Owners; meaning, the Owners can wad him up like a piece of foil, and reshape him in any way they choose. If you were an Owner, that works great. But what about the fans? I don’t know.

I never really despised Selig until last Saturday night, when he pulled the stunt of all stunts. For him to stand there, blank stare, hands in pockets, looking incredibly uncomfortable as Satan Bonds rounded the bases was downright sickening. He’s allowing the Media to also dictate his actions. By him effectively showing that he believes Bonds cheated, he’s showing that not only do the Owners run him, the Media does too. Bud Selig is nothing but a tool.

His statement on the events was so idiotic and forced, I won’t even comment on it. It’s okay if Selig personally doesn’t feel that Bonds is clean, but he should realize his position of power. Fans watching Selig, as he stood there in PETCO Park, looking like a deer in the headlights, could very easily interpret his response as another guilty verdict handed down on Bonds. But I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty?

Only if it’s convenient, I assume. Now, normally, I’d slap the “You’re Dead To Me” label on you, Bud. But it seems like…that’s not good enough. You’ve effectively dimmed the brightness of #756 for me. I’m not sure what kind of reward that’ll get you.

Here’s hoping you can sleep at night, Bud.