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It’s amazing how quickly things turn.  As Joba Chamberlain (with his new found insect friends surrounding him) threw a wild pitch that scored the game tying run, numerous New York Yankee fans dialed up their favorite blog to let one thing be clear: The sky is falling. The Yankees were down 0-2 in a best-of-five series and things weren’t looking good.


Well, the sky itself isn’t falling (honest, I just checked), but the Yankees’ season is.  After being shut down for nine innings by Fausto Carmona and Rafael Perez, it’s looking like a sweep for the Indians.


Going into the postseason, it looked as if no pitching tandem, even as one as good as C.C. Sabathia and Carmona, could stop the Yankees.  However, just like the last two seasons, the Yankees’ offense has stopped in the postseason.


Give due credit to the Indians; they can really pitch.  But the 2007 Yankees, a team that scored more than the 1998 World Champion Yankees, should be able to hit anyone…shouldn’t they?


Problem is they haven’t.


However, with (potentially) two soft tossing contact pitchers in Jake Westbrook and Paul Byrd next on the docket, could things turn around for the Bombers?


It had better for Joe Torre’s sake. George Steinbrenner has issued a decree concerning Torre’s job status being directly linked to the Yankees fate in this postseason series. We’ve heard the rumors before, but the Boss might be serious this time.


The Yankees are giving the ball to Roger Clemens (0-0), who is fourth on the all-time list in postseason wins and second on the all-time list in postseason strikeouts. He’ll be opposed by Westbrook (0-0), a noted sinkerball pitcher making his first postseason appearance.


Offense has been the big issue for the Bombers. They are hitting a combined .121, while the Indians have been teeing off against Yankees pitching to the tune of .329. Things can turn around quickly, but it’s going to take a Rocket Launch and the return of Derek Jeter.