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With the Yankees' season being over, it’s time to look at who’s coming back and who’s leaving

Don’t Throw Away That Jersey

Alex Rodriguez: Ain’t no way, ain’t no how.  Alex Rodriguez, the 3 time AL MVP, the best player in the world, will be back next season.  He will opt out, he will make an absurd amount of money, and he will be at third next April in the Bronx.

Mariano Rivera: Positioning is fun, but sometimes it scares people.  Do you realize the mutiny that would occur if Brian Cashman didn’t retain Rivera?  Let’s just say, Cash’s family might not be safe.  Rivera’s coming back.

Jorge Posada: Same deal.  Even if the Yankees were sick of Posada, there isn’t any other catchers to be had.  Posada will get a boat load of cash, and he’ll be behind the dish next April.

Andy Pettitte: He has a player option, and he’ll exercise it.  No reason not to. 

Sell That Jersey, He’s Gone

Roger Clemens: After God knows how many pitches and innings, his body is finally breaking down.  What a career, man.  Thanks for the memories, Roger.

Joba Chamberlain: Don’t freak out.  He probably just will not be #62 next season.  That’s all.

Joe Torre: I’m Sorry To Say This, But Joe Torre Will Not Return. I’ll be honest with you.  I’ll miss Joe Torre.  He, the manager of the New York Yankees, kept the team together, like a glue.  No, he can’t manage a bullpen or make a decent tactical decision.  But, he kept a clubhouse full of egos and dollar signs together for twelve seasons. 

If post-game interviews are any indication, the Yankee players want Torre back.  However, with Torre nearing age seventy, I think he’ll resign.

Good bye, Joe.  On behalf of Yankee fans all around the world…

We Will Miss You, Mr. Torre.