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The Diamondbacks are feeling a little bit snake bitten these days. Those red hot Rockies who ran roughshod over the National League the last month of the season are just a single game away from their first World Series appearance. The problem might be that they are going to get there too quickly and have to sit on their hands and wait for the American League entry to the Fall Classic.

For most teams, that would be a good thing. It would give you time to get your rotation in order; it would give guys a chance to recover and heal a bit. And you’d hope that your opponents had a really rough series in the ALCS.

But that might not hold true for the Rockies. They don’t have a traditional rotation. After ace Jeff Francis, the Rockies boast a single 10 game winner. No, the Rockies have gone on this rampage based on timely hitting, incredible relief, and fundamental baseball. And they execute those fundamentals better than any remaining team.

With the way the Rockies are playing right now, they may just be unstoppable - at least by an opposing team. Time and waiting will be their greatest enemies over the upcoming week. Until now the Rockies have lived off a diet of adrenaline and momentum, going from a Rocky Mountain high to the high of victory after victory. From an unlikely Wild Card tie, to an extra inning, one game playoff win, to a sweep of the Phillies to their dominating NLCS performance.

The Rockies are a now team, and telling them they need to wait may well be more of a challenge than winning 20 of 21.

Of course they still need to finish off the Diamondbacks, and getting ahead of themselves there would be even more detrimental than sitting and waiting for the American League Champions. But with a 3-0 lead in the NLCS, it’s hard not to look ahead, especially since the Rockies have outplayed the Diamondbacks in every aspect of the game.

For Rockies management, this is the culmination of a plan, a plan which has come together and become one of the greatest baseball stories of the last decade. It’s the story of how they defeated not just their opponents but the rarified air of Colorado. How a team with a limited budget could home-grow their own players and outthink and outperform the entire NL, no matter what happens the rest of the way. This season will be remembered the greatest season of baseball in Colorado.

A World Series would be the fairy tale ending, it would be Cinderella sneaking into the ball and walking off with the prince. The question now is whether or not the Rockies are going to have to play the game after the proverbial midnight, and if their momentum turns into a pumpkin if they sit too long.

And that’s something we won’t know until next week.