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The Sox came into Colorado last night with a commanding two games to none lead in the World Series.   They’ve beaten the Rockies in a blowout, and they’ve beaten them in a pitcher’s duel.   They in fact have dodged the two most potent pitching bullets that the Rockies have to offer. 

So they should feel pretty confident as they take the field at Coors tonight.  But they aren’t counting the Rockies out.  Losing the DH means the team has to make a hard decision as to which of their regular hitters they would choose to bench.   Because of that they’ve opted to replace Kevin Youkilis with David Ortiz at first base despite the fact that Ortiz isn’t as strong defensively. 

The Sox figure they might need all the extra pop they can get and with good reason:  Coors Field offers the biggest home field advantage of any park in the National league - comparable to the advantage Fenway offers the Red Sox.  The Rox were 51-31 at home during the regular season and have not lost a game here in the postseason. 

But for the Boston nine, things are a heck of a lot brighter then they are for Colorado.   Not only do they have a two game lead but they have 15 game winner Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound against the relatively unknown Josh Fogg.  

The Sox don’t really plan on a pitching duel though; everyone expects the Rockies to eventually start hitting.  Their long-dormant bats are going to wake up sometime and they’ll start putting more than a run per game on the board, and Coors Field is likely to be that place.  

And while the Sox are concerned by that possibility they aren’t going to panic. After all they have a 2-0 game lead and they are riding a wave of momentum which has carried them to five straight wins.  Perhaps there is a symmetry in that as the Rockies momentum carried them to this point. 

The Rockies are not amused, and maybe that will be the wake up call they so desperately need in order to have a chance.