If you are looking for another baseball arcade game then Baseball Mogul 2010 is not the game for you. On the other hand if you are a baseball fan and like to recreate baseball games on your computer Baseball Mogul is just what you are looking for in a PC game.

Baseball Mogul has been the hottest selling game for the last three years. It features all the major league teams from 1901 up to the current season. You can pick your favorite team to manage and either let the computer play the season for you or take full control of your team, choosing your line up and pitching rotation and bringing up players from the minors. Each team has a full roster of 25 major league players, as well as a farm system.

Each season even has an amateur draft just like the majors have every season.

I first got hooked on this game three years ago after looking for the "perfect" baseball computer game. Now in addition to playing the game solo, you can even join online leagues and play with other gamers from around the country online.

The game is available two ways. The first and fastest way to obtain the game is by downloading it from the publisher here. You can also buy the CD-Rom version, which should be available in May.

Now the price on this is not too bad, only $29.99 for the download version or $34.99 plus shipping and handling for the CD. I would check the Baseball Mogul website to make sure the store you're going to carries the game.

I give the newest version of Baseball Mogul four balls. The publishers keep improving the game each year. One of the game's top features is the online support. On their website you find an online forum that features lots of game tips from users ready to help answer your question or find a league to play.

It is a great game; get out there and play ball. writes its reviews with the following system:
Four Balls: An exceptional book that truly earns a walk straight to the local book story to get a copy.
Three Balls: This book stands out from its peers and is highly recommended.
Two Balls: A book worth reading/owning and is usually above average.
One Ball: This book has something to say but is nothing special.

What do you think of Baseball Mogul?