Ain’t No Sense Worrin’: The Wit and Wisdom of Mick “the Quick” Rivers
by Mickey Rivers and Michael DeMarco
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Sports Publishing LLC.
p. 164

One of baseball’s grand characters, Mickey Rivers, presents us with a collection of anecdotes - great stories about both himself and his teammates along with the wonderful quotes or “Gozzlehead speak” which made him famous and stand on a par with some of Yogi Berra’s best. Mickey is someone who has always been underestimated by people but he is a true baseball man who has a keen incite and understanding of the game, which is often missed due to the way he explains things. After reading this book and also speaking with Mickey, I realized that there are depths that are not evident in the first few minutes of conversation.

Simply put this book is fun. It’s not a serious literary anthology, nor is it a simple story that is easy to follow but a collection of anecdotes, personal information, and baseball wit and knowledge. You will smile and laugh at some things and others you will wonder about. Mickey’s language is his own and it will remind the reader of either Satchel Paige or Yogi Berra in some of his sayings. Quotes like “Me and George and Billy were two of a kind” are sure to leave you smiling.

The book is light but is full of interesting gems that fans of Mickey, the Yankees, Angels and Rangers will enjoy. There are stories of how he got into the game, playing in the minors and discussions of his unorthodox stance, his bat waggle and his sense of humor.

There is also a lot of baseball history intertwined into the story although it is all seen through Mickey’s eyes. You’ll meet the Yankee teammates from his World Championship seasons, see how he learned to just go up and hit, and hear about his relations with famous players from Bobby Bonds to Whitey Ford, Joe Dimaggio and other Yankee legends.

His mischievous sense of humor always made him a part of the team but it certainly was enough to give him a reputation in some circles. Yet even now decades after being traded from the Yankees he is still a Yankee in his heart. His work with the Yankees and with troubled children makes Mickey something special. Here you’ll get all the dirt.

Give this one 2 balls out of 4 for being a very unique look at a special player.

Our Rating System is based on a four ball system as follows:
One Ball: Average. It has something to say but is nothing special.
Two Balls: Something men usually have - also means its a cut above average, and worth reading/owning.
Three Balls: Stands out from its peers and is highly recommended.
Four Balls: More than just what two men have when hanging out together, it means it is an exceptional book that truly earns a walk - straight to the local book store to get a copy.