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I love this thing to death. By thing I mean the baseball simulation game Out of the Park 6 (sometimes abbreviated OOTP6). What else would I be talking about? When fans are sitting inside on those wintry days (especially in the northeast), the only baseball being played is in the Caribbean leagues. But now fans can put together their own team, their own dynasty. And I, for one, love it. But don’t just take my word for it.

“OOTP Baseball is the best simulation I've ever played. It puts you right into the game. Best game I've ever played,” said a longtime OOTP Gamer who I met in one of my leagues.

I am currently in two leagues, both of them a challenge. In Virtual Simulation League (VSL), I have the controls of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Through a series of trades, I’ve rebuilt my team the way I wanted it to be: solid defense and great offense. That’s the beauty of this game. You can blow up any team you want and build a team you want from scratch. (We currently have three open teams, the Tigers, Reds, and Pirates, in case you’re interested.)

The other league I am in simulated to the year 2020 before starting over with the 2005 season. In this one, the Back to the Future League (BTTF -, I have the reigns of the Anaheim Angels. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to be given a good team from the outset, but you have to put them into the World Series.

The creator and Commissioner of BTTF Steve Strzepek on OOTP6: “I use to be in many Diamond Mind baseball leagues, a sim of previous seasons, and then I found OOTP3 back in 2001 and loved it enough after joining one league, then two and three, so I started my own -- BTTF -- and quit DMB all together. The biggest reason was that there was so much flexibility with OOTP, and with OOTP6 there are so many options that mirror real life baseball like waivers, free agency, rule V, option years, coaches, and spring training.” The hardest things -- “website creation and maintenance” -- are easy to get out of the way if you have a league member or friend with HTML prowess.

The question you must be asking yourself right now is what makes it so great? What makes OOTP6 worth the purchase price? I’m glad you asked.

The great part of OOTP6 is that it is such a realistic game. If you find a league, you can take over an open team and build the team the way you want it to be built. Throughout the entire season, you will make the executive decisions of which players to hold onto and whom to waive; whether or not to add a player in the Rule V draft; which coaches to sign for your team; how to spend your players’ Spring Training; whether or not to re-sign your players once they hit free agency; and many other facets of the game that receive little or no attention from people who aspire to be Major League general managers.

The only hindrances of OOTP6 are for those people who aren’t technologically adept. It took me a few tries to get the process down of downloading a league file (which allows you to edit your team) to exporting (which is how you send your updated team), but I’m sure most other people will get this easier. Another factor is if you want to simulate your own league, you must find your own league file to start things off, like all the players and contracts. These two drawbacks were easily taken care of with help from friends.

And the best part of OOTP6 is the chance to make friends who share a common interest: baseball. For anybody wishing to do a little GMing of their own, go ahead and get this game; it’s worth the twenty dollars (

(Author’s Note: I would like to thank the fine folks at OOTP for allowing me to test their software. It was definitely a great experience.)

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