Title: 3 Nights in August
Author: Buzz Bissinger
Pages: 268

Buzz Bissinger dives into a normal three-game series, perhaps one of the most common things in baseball, and makes it beautiful. 3 Nights in August tells the story of how Tony La Russa prepares his team for a series against the Chicago Cubs. It is a great insight into the workings of a Major League clubhouse and the job of the manager.

Bissinger takes readers into the brain of one of Major League baseball’s best managers. There are peaks into La Russa’s office as he and his coaches analyze statistics and tendencies of opposing players. 3 Nights in August also shows how La Russa handles the pressure of outsmarting another manager on a nightly basis, while nurturing the many different personalities on a team.

But there is much more than that. The book features stories about the humans and emotions that make up a team, as well as providing an in-depth look at the actual game of baseball. Just one example of this is the interplay between catcher relaying signs to a pitcher and the baserunner who may be peaking in. All of this is perfectly interwoven into the basic storyline of a three-game series. You may be surprised at how the storyline has shifted from one thing to another so easily.

Bissinger’s writing is once again excellent. He is known as one of the greatest prose sportswriters of contemporary times, and he does not disappoint in 3 Nights in August. His more famous book, Friday Night Lights, illuminates the beauty of high school football. 3 Nights in August does the same for baseball, helping fans recognize how beautiful a sport baseball is.

Whether you are someone who waxes poetic about baseball or aren’t that passionate of a fan, you’ll enjoy this book. Every fan should but it. 3 Nights in August earns a perfect four balls out of four on the rating scale. writes its book reviews with the following system:

Four Balls: An exceptional book that truly earns a walk straight to the local book story to get a copy.
Three Balls: This book stands out from its peers and is highly recommended.
Two Balls: A book worth reading/owning and is usually above average.
One Ball: This book has something to say but is nothing special.

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